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-PSALM 66:19
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Urgent Prayer


Please prayer for my cousin Heather. It's a very long story but to make a long story short, Heather is addicted to meth. It's been a rough couple of years for my family as we lost my grandmother (on my mom's side), and my aunt who was only 50 (my mom's sister and heather's mother). Heather actually was the one to find her mother that day and tried to give her cpr but it was too late. This among other things has been hard for Heather. Heather has two kids and a husband. Her husband has put a restraining order on her and will not allow her to see the kids due to the drugs. She isn't thinking clearly and is addicted to meth among other medications and is living with a guy in Paris. My mother tried to get her to go to a addiction facility on Friday, and after promising to go, she did not. This crushed my mother and our family. Heather needs our prayers. She is very sick and feels that she can't breath. My mother is worried we will lose her if something isn't done soon. Please please please prayer for Heather. She has beautiful daughter and handsome son who need her. Her daughter is in 8th grade and her son is in elementary school. We love her so much but are very worried for her. This is urgent. Thanks

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