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-PSALM 66:19
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Deanna Delk

ok everyone im really freaking out here panicking having panic attacks because im still NOT urinating and the doctor wont listen to me and says im fine. this is NOT normal and not fine and im really panicking over this and feel nauseated, full, bloated, cramping, not havnig bowel movements. i really am freaking out to where im thinking of committing suicide because it is so bad. also im afraid my kids have forgotten about me because of this restraining order against me because im sick. my husband is abusive and sick in the head kicking his sick wife out of the house manipulating kids against me. i cant live without my kids and live like this anymore. please please please please pray i urinate and urinate alot and the physical pain and symptoms will go away, im about to break. help everyone please pray the urine flows out of me and alot of it

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