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-PSALM 66:19
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"Rough Jan.-Mar. 2017/Asking Agreement about Finances"


Greeting(s;) blessing, love & prayers unto y'all at WBGL. Name's Scot, & as I've been between jobs this Winter; I'd ask for the ministers and/of the (prayer) ministry this request. Sunday morning upon returning from church - the apartment manager warned me about late rent/s. Funds have been "ebb & flow" between the Good Lord's assignments. I really weary of the landlord bothering me, but make no excuses. God knows how much sooner the supply for me/for this and all if my needs- the/is support can come. As I partner & as I labor with you in the work of the ministry WBGL I'm simply requesting that God would provide for my being able to END the cycle of prayer being late with payment(s) toward late bills. God is in control, & God is both my Refuge and my Shelter- & I am putting it "out there" to request this month's struggle officially be ended. For mission's sake/if none other- amen.

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