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-PSALM 66:19
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For my marriage. Strengthen my marriage. Me and my spouse. I pray that God finds himself showing my spouse, that he needs to not to be just be a great dad but a Godly man and show him a Godly ways when he is around our child and me as his wife Love an compassion. His job is stressful. I pray for a release over his job of unnecessary stress and that he can seperate the two when he is with us an not guys at work. I pray for him to have an want and be set to have the desire to grow in his faith with Jesus, as myself and child do and have been forever. That he will want an make the time we need together. I do not push him to go to church with us, and he doesn't want to even though we are very active in our church. ( He was raised differently, it isn't something he feels is necessary since he has been saved already.) I just pray our marriage becomes God Fearing, Godly driven and God centered for both of us. Not just in actions for our child. That he wants to grow stronger in trusting in God, then in himself. Let him put away childish ways and and that God enables me to be the wife he intended me to be for him. For me to be the woman he loves and needs and grows with. May our marriage be Restored and Healed from the inside out, from this day forward in Jesus Name!!

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