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-PSALM 66:19
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Praying thru tough times 'till April's become May, & "Tony"...


Father/God- 'Our Holy Lord & God'..., I come now from this library (instead of a cell phone- asking You'll provide for that to have been paid/&/turned back ON,) and I pray for the 'friend' who's been let to stay at my place while I've been getting my finances back in order for April, 2017 Father. I pray that Tony's taken care of in every way he needs to be as he "grows-on" in his life. I'm praying with the agreement of those who're asking of You/Father: Your Will; Lord God in Christ-Jesus as concerns "me/my/&/MINE," Holy Lord- but more so; I would ask that all those prayers prayed for me and the requests I've put on-line would be remembered by You as from-others who need You as-much/if not more than I do in my present situation in Aurora Father. I uplift Tony (who's trying to reunite for 'good' with his son Titus,) and those who've selflessly; unselfishly, and sacrificially uplifted my need(s) for financial assistance to You. I ask that they/them/&/'theirs' would experience Your Mercies; Graces, and Peace being multiplied as they come to find the needs they have being met in Your Way; & in Your Timing in their own lives...even unexpectedly. God, I give You the thanks; praise, and glory for the approval of $313 for May; and I trust and believe that the $300-400 past due April rent shall be provided. In Christ Jesus the Lord/God. In Your Name Father- please take care of Tony...amen. "God bless WBGL!"

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