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-PSALM 66:19
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Please pray for me my husband Daniel refuses to come home I feel so lost please lord remove his demons cast out all the demons Satan and anyone who works against our marriage lord please fill his heart with only love for Valerie lord help him to see how valerie is a good person lord help him with his trouble help him lord too seek counseling for his ways lord help daniel to trust valerie lord guide daniel back home to valerie help daniel to be a good man and husband to valerie lord help Valerie to forgive Daniel lord please ease valeries pain and loneliness help her to be a good wife to valerie lord please repair there martiage lord please let valerie and daniel live a life together filled with peace happiness and love lord keep Daniel and Valerie livtogether always lord chase Satan away block all the evil from there marriage and love help them to remember the good and not the bad lord in jesus name I ask you to grant my request

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