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-PSALM 66:19
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Please pray for my friend


I have had this friend for almost two years now and she started out as a non-believer, and then she said that she believed in Jesus and she was happy for a while. And now, she got herself caught up in sin and caught up in the ways of the world. She told me that she doesn't like God nor wants to believe in Him because He isn't taking away her pain and sufferings. I really hate seeing my best friend like this. And to make matters worse, she is ignoring what I have to say about God. Please, please pray for my friend. Pray that she has her eyes opened to the spiritual world. She is so young and has her whole life to live yet, and I know God doesn't want her to live in this kind of disobedience. She doesn't believe in the power of prayer. She might have control over what she believes, what she listens to, and what she does, but she can't have control over us praying for her. Jesus, please open the eyes of my friend's heart! Forgive her, Lord! She needs you more than she thinks she does. Convict her of her sins Jesus so that she might come to you!~ Thank you :)

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