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-PSALM 66:19
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The love of my life and the one I want to marry who I know was sent by God to be my husband has ceased all contact with me. There is much going on with him and I pray that all obstacles would be removed that are keeping us apart and that he would return seeking a relationship with me and marriage. Lord bring him back to church with me and cause him to be committed to me and love me only. Take away any desire in his heart that is not from you. Let us be happy together and joyful in your presence and let us be a testimony to you of what you have done in us. Let his story inspire others to turn their lives over to you. I want to glorify you with our lives Lord. Our lives are in your hands. Let him think of me often while he is not speaking to me and draw his heart back to me quickly and permanently. Work on my behalf Lord and let your will be done. Let him be dissatisfied with his current situation and bring to his heart memories of our time together. Speak to his heart concerning me Lord. Bring him back with a repentant heart. Satan is trying to pry us apart because it is your will Lord for us to be together. Let him not triumph Lord. Grant me the desires of my heart Lord for my delight is in you. Praise be to your name. You are great and mighty and able to do greater than all we ask or imagine. Thank you Lord. Bless the people who take time to pray for me. Grant their requests as they wait expectantly for you Lord. I submit to your will for my life no .atter what it is Lord. If he never comes back to me I will choose to keep loving and praising you Lord. May your will be done. Amen.

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