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-PSALM 66:19
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For God to lead me by His Spirit and for me to pursue as well as my future mate a life of Peace and Love. For me to continue in having boldness and courage to be meek and be mindful to practice mercy. Pray for God's grace and hand to be evident in my life. I'm grateful to God for his answered prayer and ask that his will be obvious to me so I can stay in Christ and live an obedient and pleasing life to him. Tim now for God to give him wisdom and His will in his life. I'm thankful to God for courage. Also pray for me to exercise my faith and to pray big prayers per the Holy Spirit stirring in me from a sermon I heard. I was incredibly happy to have the special time and presence of the Lord it was so refreshing and a rekindling of fellowship with Him that my soul desperately needed. I know God knows what is best and the future. Pray I'll be settled where He wants me soon. Diana Please also pray for Jan and TJ that one day we will have healing.

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