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-PSALM 66:19
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*Please Bathe my parents in prayer


My parents are in their middle to upper 80's. They both accepted the Lord back in the 70's. My Dad Used to swear, please pray that before he goes to meet the Lord that he is right with Him, that's the only way I'm going to have peace of mind knowing I will see them again. Also pray that when it's Mom's time that she too will be right with the Lord. Mom is still experiencing bone on bone pain in her right knee cap and none of the shots she has had so far even touch the pain she has been in for almost 3 years. Her and Dad have Always been used to keeping busy and now that Mom has pain with her knee cap and Dad is dealing with Dementia things really took a turn for them. Mom wants so much to be able to do the things she used to enjoy- they both have servant's heart's, she wants so much to be able to walk again. Praise is that they are still able to live on their own! Plus Mom has a Huge hiadal hernia that is pushing her organs out of place, and no Dr. will do surgery on her because they say she is too high risk. Please bathe in prayer. Thank you so much.

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