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-PSALM 66:19
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My Life

Jennifer Lopez

Please pray for my mom and dad, whom both struggle to support us three kids, though I am 18, they help me a lot through my tuition for college, sign my little brother for sports and my sister receives the support she needs to pass her classes. We grew up going to church, and when my mom lost her job, we stop going. My father is an immigrant and I started working to help my family pull through our debt. I have felt like I've been missing something in life, I pray to God, I thank him, but, I have not gone to visit him. And I think with work and school, it's been hard. Honestly, I want to go see him and apologize for the things I have done, ask him to help our family. Please pray for us, and my parents to find a way not to stress out for taking care of us. I don't want my family to be separated.

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