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-PSALM 66:19
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Left side flank rib pain


I ask you to join with me in prayer for divine healing of my body. In the name of Jesus, I ask that the pain and inflammation be removed from my body. My fellow prayer warriors I ask that you pray and ask God for healing of my organs, infection, growth, or whatever is impacting the left side of my body and abdomen, bloodwork, and causing irritation and pain. I will not tolerate it symptoms anymore in the name of Jesus. I believe in the power of healing when Christians come together and ask in the name of Christ. I am not sure if it is my lap band and it's infected, if it's my long left lung, Kidney, spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas, or some disease. Whatever evil formatives be removed from my body immediately. I am suffering from exhaustion and my marriage, my house, and my life is being impacted. I know the best place to take this is the base of the cross. Thank you for your time in prayer Thank you JESUS!

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