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-PSALM 66:19
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Healing for Shamonie, Norman (blessed with finances for surgery). Bishop Jackson family for bereavement. A new job for Darius and Juwanna get approved for Disability and Sleeve Surgery. Justice and Favor for Darius at work and with co-workers and bosses. Justice and favor for Kimberly with Elder Rhone getting rid of her as Secretary. Justice and favor for Kimberly in situations with Alicia, Ricky, Matt, Carl, Dana, Darryl, Lisa, Adrienne, Dana and everyone. Anytime Alicia, Matthew, Ricky or anyone says anything negative or bad about Kimberly, turn it around on them. Victory and Favor for Kimberly in withdrawal from school appeal. Protection and Favor for Kimberly and Juwanna with car situation. Godly Wisdom, Guidance, Provision and Favor for Kimberly's Ministry and Flipper Chapel in Fayetteville, Ga. God grows Kimberly’s church and blesses spiritually and financially. God blesses me in position as Associate Category Manager for the State of Georgia and in Ministry. Sarah gets job and family blessed. God blesses a minimum of ten new families to join the church this Conference year that want to worship God and serve Him. God bless Rev. Thelma Milner and her Ministry. God’s vision for Kimberly’s life and Ministry and Flipper Chapel to be manifested. God blesses Flipper Chapel to get parking lot paved and church painted. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by Kimberly, gives Kimberly justice in situations with Elder Rhone, Dr. Rhone, Elder Hudson and Sis. Hudson, David, II and all Elders, Revs: Eason, Houston, Powers, all Pastors, Bishops and Preachers, Daniel and Anthony, Alicia, Matthew, Ricky, Darryl, Brandon and that they promote Kimberly per God’s Will. God blesses Kimberly to be an Excellent Pastor and Preacher. Favor with God and man for Kimberly and Family. God blesses Kimberly and Sermons with Triple Anointing, power and Holy Spirit by blessing them to be anointed, powerful, full of quantity, quality and to grow in length and Spiritual Growth and Promotion. God gives Darius justice in situations with Milton Wiley, Chris Johnson, Charles Ross, Isaac Clayton, Bruce Spann and Emory. Flipper Chapel has the funds and pays all bills, salaries and Budgets. God gives Kimberly a Word for His people for every time I preach, speak, pray, read scripture, worship lead or do anything for God. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to promote me according to God’s Will and to pay Kimberly right and on time. God blesses Kimberly and, Justin, Juwanna, Darius, Tya, Gretchen and Julian with spiritual and financial breakthroughs and saves their souls. God takes Kimberly to a higher level in Him and in Ministry. Victory for Kimberly in completing dissertation and getting it approved. God blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Rhone to do right by people and the Sixth District and South Atlanta District. God stops the spiritual attacks on Kimberly, her family, her life, her children and her Ministry.

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