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-PSALM 66:19
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Praying to know that I have the Holy Spirit. Some people tell me I have to speak in tongues to know I have the Holy Spirit, I pray God guide me in that area and give me confirmation from him. Also praying for healing in my heart, I've let go of some past experiences..but I want to be free in my heart and in my spirit, I want every bond or attatchment to this person be broken and ended once and for all, I want to be free to move on. I want a new leaf, I want to feel like me again. Lord, as I'm studying for my LSAT please guide me, help me to push myself more than I have ever in my life, give me the grace to do exceedingly well, lord just help me in this place in my life. I'm moving to a new stage in my life, I want blessings in the things I'm looking towards, and freedom from the things in my past that have been holding me down, holding me back, and keeping me from my potential. Amen ❤️

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