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-PSALM 66:19
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I am asking for prayer for my granddaughter. She basically lived with my husband and I since she was a month old full time.. For a brief time before she was 1 she spent one week here and the other week with her mom...but that was only a few months...but the rest of her almost 29 months she has been here...whenever her mom or my son want to see her I let them... but she rarely sleeps at their house...her parent are on and off again frequently. My son is starting to talk about God and I still pray for him daily...but my granddaughters mom still has extreme mood swings and if she gets angry at my son she will come even in the freezing cold or Holidays and take my granddaughter and tell us we cannot see us until a court date... then she calms down in a day sometimes less..and brings her back... after 2 years of going to court trying to get at least joint custody for my son so the mom couldn't just take my granddaughter whenever my husband I have an appointment with a lawyer to try to see what we can do... I do NOT want to take her from her parents... I want her to have a bond with her parents and I pray her parents will be able to care for her someday...but I am so TIRED of my granddaughter being used as a PAWN by her mom every time she gets upset ... Please pray we have favor with the judge and lawyer... for my granddaughters sake... Thank you for your prayers

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