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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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thank you for praying


lord forgive me for my sins IM sorry for the things I have done so sorry for being angry with you lord please lord help me I feel so alone and afraid forgive me for being so selfish and immature at times please lord bring my love sweetheart back to me you gave me a wonderful gift and I did not know how to handle it lord please bless me and bring him back help me lord to be a good person and protect me from evil I don't want to walk alone anymore please guide my love back to me and help us both to be better people to the world and to each other



I've been standing and praying for over 2 years now. I'm tired. God please answer my prayer or guide me to where and with whom I'm supposed to be.

please pray


lord please forgive me for all my sins help me to be a better person lord please help me with my Daniel please lord let Daniel arangio and Valerie davi be married lord please help Daniel to forgive me for being so immature please guide him back to me lord you gave me and daniel l a gift of true love please help him to see how this is hurting me and help him to see and feel the love inside my heart and that I have always been his silly little girl lord please help him to see that our love and relationship can overcome any obstacle lord please help Daniel to never forsake me or take my love for granted lord please help him to understand he can always provide for me and care for me lord please help me to trust in daniels love and to be a more understanding person and help me in the times when I feel he is slipping away so I don't push him away and lean him closer to me lord please let me and Daniel live a life together filled with peace happiness and love lord please keep us together always

Desire to pursue Seminary

Whitney Kugel

I'm a 27 year old guy that desires to become a pastor. I want to attend seminary, but because I work full time this is a challenge. Please pray for my tuition and schedule to come into place as well as acceptance in my hopeful seminary. Thank you and God bless!

please pray


lord please for give me for all my sins lord please let Daniel arangio and Valerie davi be married lord please help Daniel to forgive Valerie for being so immature and childish at times help Daniel to see and feel the love inside valeries heart lord please help Daniel to see how much she desperately needs him and how he can totalyy trust her with her heart lord help him to know he is a good man and help him to provide and care for Valerie lord help Daniel to see there love can overcome any obstacle lord help Daniel to never forsake or take valeries love for granted lord please keep Daniel at valeries side always lord help Valerie to ride herself of her insecurities and to trust in damieel love lord please bless them with a home lord please let Daniel and Valerie live a life together filled with peace happiness and love lord please keep them together always

Prayers for Addictions


As we pray for comfort and peace for those in Paris let us not forget the war against drugs. Please pray for my daughter who is struggling with the ways of the world. She is strong in Faith and loves God. Pray that she return to the Kingdom way and leave the worldly ways behind her once and for all. Please pray for total physical and spiritual healing on her. Pray protection over her from people and evil. Pray that God LIFTS HER UP out of this dark pit she is in. Thank you all and I KNOW that God is in control. Thank you JESUS!!

Healing From Kidney Cancer


Hi. Asking prayer again. I'm the 48 year old and every time I have a new test it is more bad news. I have another test this week on my kidneys. Each test shows more that I may have cancer. I've seen God do miraculous healings like my wife being healed of food allergies & lactose intolerance. I was healed of pulsatile tinnitus and broken finger pain. My daughters and grandma have been healed miraculously. Now I'm asking God to see a life and death miracle. I would have rather been healed of cancer than my broken finger pain :-). But God can do it all. Again, I know where I'm going if I die but I have 6 kids and want to walk my 4 youngest girls down the aisle. Been with my wife for over 31 years and I want another 40! Please pray for a miraculous healing from this kidney cancer generational curse (I'm number 6 in the family to get this - all other 5 are dead).

Prayers for my sick kitty


My cat Peeky hasn't had an appetite in 2 days now and doesn't want to drink. He has thrown up twice and is lethargic, not his normal energetic loving self. Please pray in Jesus name for healing and nothing wrong with his kidneys. I really can't afford a vet but will go if have to. He is a very sweet cat and it breaks my heart to see him this way! Thanks you God bless

Restoration and healing in family


Woke up this morning with feeling of fear and worry and I know it is not from God it is a lie of the devil. I ask for forgiveness of even having allowed these thoughts come into my mind . Lord forgive me for any involvement with these thoughts I renounce them now in Jesus name and ask Jesus heal my mind ,heal my body and spirit . Perfect love cast out all fear. Help me to go thought out my day not overwhelmed of fear but walking in perfect peace . Thank you Jesus . Pray for me my dear frinds that I stay in perfect peace all day. Even though chaos circles around me help me to stay at peace in Jesus

need help


I don't know what to do I have no one to help me. I need help with some tires and brakes. I have prayed and its like God is ignoring me. I don't know what to do!!

Praise ans request


I have posted alot over the last few months I would like to thank everyone for there continued prayers for me and my baby he has continued to beat everything that has come our way with just under 6weeks till he is to be here I would like to thank everyone for there prayers and to ask for you to please continue god has big plans for this little boy!!!!

Pastor's wife

Sharon Gerber

Please pray for our Pastors wife who has leukemia, She was in remission and was going to Chicago to see about a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately when they did blood tests, they found her cancer was back. She will be going through chemo again. Please pray that God will take this cancer from her. Please pray for her three young children, our pastor and her mother. Thank you and God bless you! In Christ's love, Sharon



I do not deserve my family. I do not deserve my wife. I pray that God makes his will known in my life and leads me to it. I feel so lost and blind.



Hello Please pray for my family and the changes and challenges heading our way. Please pray that our path be laid straight and that we not worry and let God lead the way. Please pray that our family grows and trusts in each other and in God. Please pray that we find joy in everything. Thank you



I work with my husband at a family owned local business (not our family, not our business)...its gotten so negative across the board in almost every way we are concerned. The top management are some of the worst offenders of "doodle" attitude and negativity - combined with the nepotisim (ugh). We need prays for positive guidance.