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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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From Gods Word For Gods People

Pray for my wife ,she is 37 ,has had back surgery ,total knee replacement,and now up for another surgery, spiritual strength,physical strength, mental strength for her and myself alone with 3 children who need their mother . Another prayer request is deeply needed of deliverance of lies that has been spread by a so called christian . Pray for salvation for him ,it is Gods will that none should perish but that all should come to repentance . I can't see how someone be saved and sow such wickedness . Please pray this has been weighing heavily on the whole family . My children need to see that God is all powerful and is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask and think. We listen everyday but truly truly we covet all the prayers we can get . God bless you all who serve the risen Savior Jesus Christ my Lord, an unworthy servant !



Asking for prayers for my son who is very angry and has fallen away from God and the church. Prayers for our family to be whole again and for him to come home. He's currently in a very toxic environment that feeds into his anger and his lack of faith. So very worried about him spiritually. Also, need a prayer request for my husband who is a LEO, protection on the street and from his workplace. Praying for a hedge of protection around them both.

meeting our needs


Pray that God will meet our needs and will provide rent and gas money for the month.

Prayers for Guidance


I am asking for prayers for my job and guidance with the direction that I am lead. I currently have a job that I love, but like every job, it comes with a lot of stress. On top of it, I barely have any time to spend with my kids. I recently was called for an interview to work at a school as a secretary where I am most likely going to have more time with my kids as I will be off in the summer and over Christmas Break and Spring Break. I just pray that God lead me in the right direction. I know that He has a purpose and a plan for me and I just pray that He lead me where I belong. I am hesitant of change. I just want to do what is best for my kids and for my family, both financially and time-wise. Prayers would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!

Prayers for our Family

Sue Carlson

Please pray for our family. My husband Paul has been unemployed since February. Pray that he finds employment soon. Pray for my health as I am having painful back problems. We both are suffering from depression and stress because of his employment situation and it is affecting our family life. Please pray for us!



Please pray I dont get arrested I have been falsely accused please help

financial and health


I need a miracle with my health. I need a, financial blessing to get my car 🚗 fixed. I need brakes and tires. God I'm so tired I feel so stressed!! I'm tired of being alone, I'm just tired God!! !



Please pray that this pain is not serious

mental health


my name is Kathryn. i ask you for prayer because i have major depression,and ptsd from being sexually assaulted,also i ask for prayer for me to stop making myself throw up after i eat as i have bulimia


Anthony Tuel

Hello, my name is Anthony and my family is going though some hard times. we have 7 kids and a mom and dad, i have the best family one can ask for and i'm very blessed and recently we had some medical fees that has to be payed and and know we are just getting by with my dad working and mom doing her home day care. and my mom only needs one more child to be making it. can I please get prayers for my mom to get that extra chilled for my moms day care. thanks and God bless.


Mike Salas

A Friend of mine - Carolyn, is asking for prayer for a very Dear and close friend - Mike Salas, Mike works with Carolyn Husband, They have been close for years. Last night Mike Callapsed and Stopped Breathing, His Girlfriend did CPR, till the ambulance got to his house, as they rushed him to the hospital. Mike is on Life support and fighting for his life.We come to yall tonight and asked that you remember Mike in your prayers tonight, A very good Man, , At this point No one know what happened to him. We asked in Jesus Name For a healing for this man,, Thank you and God Bless...........

plese pray for...


me to have the right mate that God has chosen for me and for both of us to recognize it. Pray he will be understanding of me and my situation. I'm thankful I was able to be obedient to God tonight in something that was difficult for me to do.



Havenly Father, send love and angels from above to protect me and my family...let me make the right decisions for the betterment of my daughters...I pray for a better relationship with my son and that he will do the right thing in a decision we made together...I need to b able to trust him..I have ptsd and the anxiety of everything is making my heart pound...feelings of dread....this is not of God....protect and guide and show favor to my lil family.,.,.we feel so alone...even though u are there...I have made poor decisions and I beg forgiveness...I am still your child and need your love most desperately....

My son

Mom of 5

My son has an important court dates coming up and he needs pray for PEACE along with Favor with God and men... including the people making the decisions for him.... He has matured in the past few months since a death of a close member of the family... and he needs pray for dealing with that death and court proceedings . He also needs to start walking with God on a closer walk... his faith is weak at the moment. Thank you for your prayers for my son

Healing Touch

Keith Tanksley

I would like to please have prayer for my Feet, Ankles and Legs. I have diabetic neouropathy, circulation problems and Arthuritus. I pray every day for a touch from the Lord. I have not received a healing yet ,but I am claiming my healing. It says in Gods word that we are healed by his stripes. I feel the Lord is the same yesterday,today and forever. He performed miricals back in the bible days and he can perform miricals today. Thank you Lord. I do get discouraged from time to time because I can't do the things I use to be able to do. I have went up for prayer at church and have had different people pray for me. Some times I wonder if the Lord hears my prayers. Maybe its in God's timeing and not in my timeing. I thank you in advance for your prayers. May God bless yous. Your friend in Christ, Keith Tanksley.