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-James 5:16

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Financial difficulties


Please pray for my family. We have MAJOR debt problems. Our bills add up to be more than our income! We have tax debt and student lab debt. Please pray that we can sell our house and increase our income. My husband and I are in our 50's. We need some miracles. Thank you for your prayers!!!



Pray for divine intervention complete healing from alcoholism. To find a job and meet a Christian companion.



Prayers needed for Marley. She eats and drinks, but it seems she gets sick to her stomach unless they give her anti nausea medicine. Please pray that the tests she has had will reveal what is the cause. Open the eyes of the doctor and staff. God bless you all. God's blessing over Marley. She is a child of God, and is redeemed from the curse because Jesus bore her sickness and carried her diseases in His own body, No sickness or disease can operate in her body. Everything in her body functions in perfection in which God created it to. She is healthy and disease free.

prayer for man in financial need


There is a man in our small town that runs the grocery store. He is about to go bankrupt. He has worked in grocery stores for 50 years. We are trying to raise money (thousands) to help him catch back up on his bills and restock the shelves. Please pray for the situation.

husbanf's health


My husband, Jack, went to the doctor today and found out his amputated leg as a problem. he has lost a lot of weight and his prosthetic doesn't fit right anymore. he had been putting off going to the doctor. now he could have a big problem. we are praying that whatever is going on with his leg can be taken care of without any more surgery. He refuses to do any more surgery. He is willing to go to wound care. Praying wound care can take care of it.



I made a mistake and damaged property. I've already told people and owner. Pray that I might b forgiven or that penalty wont be overly harsh



Our daughter is a single mom of 3 teens. Works full time but is struggling with a rare disease that has no known cure. She needs a miracle if the next procedure isn't affective. She is also in need of a vehicle. Hers is not reliable and there is a lot of traveling to be done with 3 kids & her own dr. Appointments. I know the Lord is with her & He is her healer and provider. Thank you for praying in agreement.



Please pray for my 8 week old granddaughter who was just diagnosed with RSV her name is Avery

Weight & my health


I'm asking for prayers to have the Lord's guidance to motivate me to lose weight. With aging & thryoid meds, I have gained 30 pounds in 3 years, Please pray for me and this weight , it is taking over my happiness & I am so blessed to be a child of our Lord and Savior- I should not allow this to control my life. Thank you, In Christ's Love, Olivia

Prayer needed


Pray for 90yo Great Grandma. Fell this morning, ER says no broken bones but she is still in a lot of pain and nauseous! Pray for peace, comfort and healing!!!



please pray for my sister, she is in theater at her high school and her teacher is really being hard on her. Pray that she won't let her teacher get to her, I know she will do great for her performance.

Please pray, and feel free to share

Edie C

Hey all, for those of you who dont know me, My name is Edie. And I am currently on a mission to save not one life, but two, and I need your help. My husband has 2 cousins suffering from a rare medical disorder the causes kidney disease in the men in the family line, starting around the age of 40. We are desperately seeking a kidney for them both. And time is running out. We need help. If there is anyone, anyone, willing to give up a small piece of themselves for the life of another, please reach out. Our cousins are type O, but there are still ways donate even if the blood types don't match. My family has started the testing process, but unfortunately 3 of us are medically unfit, another is getting ready for a different surgery on himself, and my last one is in a position where he absolutely can't get off work just yet. As a mother, my heart is broken. Aunt Janette is caring for her husband with blood cancer, and her two boys dying of kidney failure. Everyone she has... she's loosing. There is nothing harder than loosing one of your children, except having to care for them while they suffer before their time comes. Especially knowing they could live, if only some one was willing to help. I know God has a plan, I know a miracle is coming! Please, all I can do is pray, pray that this post will make it into the right hands. Please keep us in your prayers, and share, please share

marriage update


this is an update from my previous prayer request. My husband did come home things were still very bad. He had been drinking so much that he should have died. His blood alcohol was .5 I had to call 911 when I found him awake but not responsive. He spent a week in the hospital and they helped him with an action plan. The plan was to get him into rehab in Springfield IL. Then he had been home for about another week and stayed sober. I had asked him the other morning what he would like me to pray about. And he said pray that the rehab center calls because the cravings were starting to get bad. So I prayed for about 45 minutes. Not just that rehab center would call but that God's will would be done in Nathan's life. So I come home a couple hours later and Nathan had called some of his buddies that work at teen challenge where he started out at 2 years ago. And they let him come back. So I took him down to Neosho Missouri over the weekend. This definitely is only an act of God because Nathan had absolutely no desire to ever go back into the program. He said several times he would never do it. And that's why we had picked a regular rehab to try and get him into. So I am so thankful that he changed his mind. I asked him what made him change his mind and his answer was God isn't at other rehab center and I do my best when I'm at teen challenge. So now the plan is for him to stay there and the rest of us to relocate down there over the summer after school is out



Lord, I got into an argument with my guy friend..we've been getting to know each other for a while and things were going very smoothly. But he started pharmacy school recently and that began taking up a lot more of his time than before. Well I got upset with him for not having enough time and he got upset with me for putting too much pressure on him. He says he cannot be in a relationship right now because of school and we haven't spoken since then. I felt the Lord was directing me to be patient with him and I failed to do that. I'm still unsure if he is the one or this is just the Lords way of telling me to move on. We get along very well and he's a good guy so it's making it hard for me to just let go, especially since I was placing a bit of pressure on him at a bad time. I haven't had a guy I liked as much as him in a long time and it made me very fearful and full of anxiety and I acted on these emotions instead of giving the situation space and time. I'm just praying for clarity in understanding, praying the Lord intervene and if I made a mistake to help me to undo it. Father if he is who you have for me I know it will happen regardless, just give me the wisdom and understanding on how to navigate this situation. Thank you Lord amen ❤

Relationship healing


Asking for forgiveness, understanding, healing and reconciliation prayers for my amazing girlfriend Terri and my relationship.