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-James 5:16

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Grandparent figures for our children


Our children have local grandparents but they have very little to do with the kids, I'd love for God to place some older Christian adults in their lives to teach them things that the kids would be more receptive to learning from a grandparent figure.



Peace in heart about what my husband is doing.

Pray for Anja. She is in a hospital


Pray for Anja. She is in a hospital.

My Thought Life and My Friend


Please pray that God will strengthen my spirit and help me in taking every thought in captivity. I have been drifting from God due to doubts because I feel like I have never truly experienced Him. I tend to sometimes think whether or not putting all my effort and sacrifices into God is worth it. Please pray for my faith and that I will continue to seek him with patience. I really want to love Him and put Him first in my life. I have also been very distracted by a boy. Please pray that I will put God before any man, and more importantly for the boy, Emre. He is an atheist who puts his faith in science. I feel like my shaking faith interferes with my ability to effectively pray for him. Thank you guys so much for all that you do. Just knowing that this is going out to someone of faith is an honor and I truly appreciate your willingness to take on the worries of us who struggle by praying. Thank you.

We need your prayers!


My two sons & I desperately need you all to lift us up in Our Heavenly Father's embrace. I am going through a bad breakup with my boyfried (not their dad) who has been living with us. We got into a physical altercation, I left & contacted the police, & have been at my parents' house since. The mortgage & bills are all in my name, & I am praying that he will leave on his own will- otherwise I will have to serve a 30 day eviction notice (which he knows), and I don't want my family to be displaced that long. Please pray for us. We want to go home, and I want to end this relationship & move on with my life. Thank you, & God bless you all



My unmarried daughter (26) mom to a 4 and 1 1/2 yr old boy. unemployed. Lives with us. She acts like rebellious disrespectful teenager... behaving in ways that make me concerned about boys. And her safety. So many details and a lot of disappointment. Need for God to get her. In good way. I'm exhausted. Don't want her having another baby or doing drugs or having sex ....want her to get her life going God's way. I feel like a prisoner trapped by her neediness and her laziness. Her boys need her to be responsible adult. Right now she is not at all. It's draining the life out of me her step dad and grandparents. Tired. Weary. Please pray for positive lasting changes.

Broken Air Conditioner


Monday out air conditioner stopped working. My husband looked at it and he cannot fix it. We are on a fixed income and won't have any money until after the beginning of the month. The part thst needs replacing also makes the heater work in the winter. Please pray that the cost is reasonable and help us to get through this!

Pray for my Brother dealing with PTSD


Please pray for my brother and my sister. My brother is having a very difficult time dealing with PTSD and life in general. He moved to another country because he felt he wasn't safe in the US. My sister, who raised him, is trying to convince him to come back home to his family, he has a young daughter. She is having a hard time as well with worry and hoping to convince him to come home. Our entire family is praying for them both and I ask for your prayers as well. For strength and guidance and the Lord to let my sister feel she is doing everything she can and she is not to fault. Thank you for your prayers.

Need prayer


Please pray for me and my job. My boss gets extremely mean and passive aggressive with me. I am praying so hard for peace but I am the outlet for her frustration. I get along fabulously with everyone and receive compliments all of the time. I have been with my job many years and she is new. Every time someone compliments me, she tries to tear me down and it is wearing on me. PLEASE pray for me.

Broken Marriage


Please pray for my broken marriage. My husband and I have been together for 13 years. We have 2 amazing children and our 3rd child will be here any day. He left me and the kids on labor day and is living with another woman and her children. This is the 2nd time he has done this in 8 months.He will not speak to me or the kids. Please pray that god will speak to his heart and soften it.Please pray that god will open his eyes and make him see that he needs to come home to be with his wife and kids. please pray that god will take away all the anger from his heart and replace it with a fresh new love for me and restore our marriage completely. Please pray that god will turn this situation around and bring my husband home to be the husband and father that we know he can be. I have faith that god will turn this around. He s the only one that can fix this situation and bring him home to us. Please pray for a miracle for us

marriage help


Please Pray for Me, and my Husband, Dan. We are sruggling with some serious Marriage issues, including infidelity and cold, calloused attitudes. We Need Healings and Repair to this Marriage. Restored respect & Love. Emotional and Spiritual Healing & Repairs. Thank You< May You All Lovingly lifting this Prayer be Ever Blessed also !

Prayers Needed


Please pray for my dear neighbor who just found out this week that she has brain cancer with only months to live. Pray for good strength for her husband and family; and a miracle for her. God is good and there is power in prayer. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Grown children's salvation


I'm asking for prayer for my boys' salvation. They believe if you're a good person, that's all that matters. It breaks my heart. I also pray for their future wives..that they be godly women.

Searching for hope


Please pray for my salvation and wisdom how to rebuild my life. I feel lost, without focus, afraid, alone, and sad. I have no idea what God’s current plan for my life. I need God to guide, direct, sustain, and heal me. I need prayers for my employment search, being productive, to be more driven, strength to fight my addictions, loneliness and self-esteem. I need a calm mind. I am tired of praying non-stop. Amen



I just had an interview for a job today. This is a job I would really like. Please pray I get the job and that I hear soon. Thank you,