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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Emotional well being

Vlado A

Please pray for my emotional well being, peace, patience, forgiveness and feeling of loneliness. I been dealing with anger and stress lately and not handling it well. Help me miraculously reconcile relationship. I been praying about it daily and reaching out. Amen

Young girl possibly in danger


I am asking prayer for a young girl who could be in danger. A message was sent to me by a close friend, regarding a young girl who is friends with her son in high school. I am not giving any specific information for her safety and privacy. This young girl is growing up in a very strict Muslim household. Because she has repeatedly taken off her hijab (head covering) at school and has expressed that she doesn't want to be Muslim, her mom has advised her to kill herself. Also, her mother found out that her daughter had been talking and texting with my friend's son at school and her parents removed her from school. The family is so strict that because the girl's older brother denounced Islam, he is now estranged from the family. My friend's son said that she told him if her dad ever found out that she was contemplating leaving the Muslim faith he WOULD kill her. Child protection has been called twice, but nothing has been done she said, because nobody wants to offend the Muslims. I am just asking that anyone who feels led to please pray for this young girl who could be in danger. I know God can turn this around!! Thank you!



Pray for my daughter and her husband they are going to marriage counseling today. Liz

Happy Easter!

Daniel Cahill

Hi my brothers and sisters at WBGL asking special prayer for myself and all my homeless brothers and sisters that this would be the best Easter ever.For years and years because I love the LORD when the holidays came around I did everything I could even though I was homeless to make it the best possible time for all,but it always turned into a disaster so when I cryed out to the LORD he said here is what is going on homeless people during the holidays think of past holidays with family an friends and those memories break their hearts it makes being homeless even harder so they medicate themselves with drugs and alcohol to kill the pain so here is what the LORD said we will do you let everyone have their holiday and try to comfort the homeless the best you can and you and I will celebrate Easter later and it works I don't try to put pressure on people they can' handle and it makes me feel so much better to be a blessing to a hurting person.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 3/23/16

Son's and Daughter's Jobs


Please pray for my son and daughter. My son recently quit his job due to not getting along with co-workers. Please pray the Lord opens the door for a job that he basically works by his self and learns to get along with co-workers and people. Please pray the Lord opens the door for the perfect job for my daughter. She is applying, but to no avail. Thank you and God Blss you for taking the time to pray for them.



Thanks for all the prayers in the past months. Please continue to pray I will be healed from this parasite infection. I took another dose of medicine today. Please pray it works this time and that I don't have a bad allergic reaction. Also pray for God to protect my family from this and that God would renew my hope because I am getting depressed. Trying to remain confident that God will heal me. God bless you all!

Elderly Mother Medicated Son


Please pray that God and His Angels fully bless, help and protect my elderly mother who is traveling alone and me who is on health medications with many issues, responsibilities and concerns. Please pray for us.



Please pray for healing from depression and anxiety. Also to develop a "thicker skin" so to speak. Not to take what others say so personally. Not to dwell on the past. And to forgive others. Please pray that the medication I'm taking works as well as it did last summer. Thank you and God bless!



Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray his feet are free of gout.

my mother, Margaret, age 97 with shingles - last update


I have received so many prayers from many of you, God bless you all and bless this ministry. I have prayed for many here, also. I will not add more updates, because many others need to add their concerns. So I ask that you remember to pray from time to time for my mother. She is very weak and sometimes a little confused. She also complains of blurry vision. Of course there's still pain at times. Your prayers are appreciated and I pray for each who sends a prayer our way. Prayer makes a big difference. Thank you. Thank you!

Please pray


Please pray for my daughter Michelle and my grandaughter please pray for her to find the right path pray for the evil to stay away from her and her daughter aliyanna pleaae pray she always has full custody of her daughter please pray for her to have the strength and the love of the Lord in her heart pray fir her to find a home and alas be able to provide for herself and her daughter aliyanna help her to find the financial resources she needs to provide for herself and her child put her on a path of peace shield her and her,daughter aliyanna from hunger,and pain fill her life with peace and surround the both of them with love and kindness give the,faith and lead them to both believe in you Lord please help her there is so much evil around the both of them teach Michelle how to protect herself and her daughter aliyanna from it please Lord keep michelle,as the full custodial parent

esta vez fue rapido

por favor mis hermanos hace os dias someti una peticion hoy tube respuesta pido y suplico al padre en nombre del hijo para que me sea concedido pronto que yo conquiste de nuevo a mi esposa angela maria sanchez alvarez ella me ha dado una oportunidad y hoy me dijo que habia estado pensando en volver con migo, pero que yo con mi intensidad daba un paso y retrocedia tres, pido que el espiritu santo me conceda de dominio propio para no hacer lo que no le gusta a mi esposa ser intenso, celoso, saber decir las cosas, quiero que el espiritu santo de Dios cada vez que yo hable hable por mi para que mis palabras le caigan en gracia ella no es facil tiene mal caracter y pido que por favor cada vez que piense en mi que nos encontremos sea amorosamente sin peleas o discusiones, queriendo la reconciliacion no me apena pedir a mi padre que pronto tengamos intimidad sexual de pareja ella con migo y yo con ella de nuevo y que en mayo ya estemos viviendo juntos con nuestros hijos necesito al menos 36 ventas cada periodo de cierre de la empresa donde trabajo jardines del renacer y que antes de un mes tenga el nombramiento de supervisor sin dejar de vender, muy especialmente pido que las ventas que haga no se me caigan ni hayan retiros, po favor en accion de gracias y confiado que asi sera gracias mi señor jesus. cabeza de toa potestad permite que tus espiritus y todo angel ministrador de tu gracia este en este asunto que pido actuando a mi favor para que pronto se acabe esta angustia.



hi, THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ME! i asked for prayer request two times weeks ago. small history, i am 30yrs old. i am married for about 10yrs, and in this 10yrs i had 3 i am pregnant 4th time, i am 9 weeks 5 days today... this whole pregnancy started out with problems one after the other, i asked for prayer first time because we didnt see the baby, second time doctor said baby is not viable, thanks for all your prayer baby is fine now. I have a new problem. new problem is my heart beat is high... when i am resting its in 90s....but when i get up to do my daily things its shoots up to 130s, is really scary at times. but i know my God is a healer and he will heal me and bring my heart rate down. I NEED you guys to pray with me. Thank you. God bless you all!



I need deliverance really bad. I hear a demonic voice all the time and it makes me smirk and all kinds of things (torments my sleep, etc..). I would appreciate your help! Cory

please keep praying for


Jan and Tim