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-James 5:16

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Please Intercede with Prayers of Support, Guideance, Understanding for Lydia, as there is alot of stress, anxieties, worries with completing required training & exam for Liscensure to proceed in Cosmetology career. Much Expense & years of training have been invested, and State Board Exam is required & stressful....pray for Christ Jesus to "Calm" emotions through this, awaken & strengthen Wisdom with Him ! May His Love & Peace Sustain and Protect on this Journey and Bless this Career Opportunity ! Thank You So Much ! Blessings to All Lovingly Lifting this to the Lord !

Peace in my spiritual mind and peace with all the enemies


Dear all the warriors im asking you all to pray with me.. for God to give me peace in my spiritual mind, peace with all the visible and invisible enemies who s try to stand between my husband and I ...... Father Lord i come before you now to surrender everything who s bothering my heart . oh Lord my husband who left me for other and doesnt want to reunite Lord i trust in only you i know you dont like divorce or separation .... Father God please i need my husband to returns back home to us in Jesus name that i ask amen . thank you Father i love you always. thank you all for your prayers may the mighty Lord hears and answers yours amen. stay bless

Children's mother killed in auto accident


Please pray for my children and their family. We woke on Easter Sunday to the news that my ex-wife was killed when a drunk driver hit her car on her way home. We have three young children together. My wife and I ask for prayers for my children, to help them through this difficult time.



Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually. Also, pray they attend church every Sunday and their work schedules enable them to do so.



1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinsons disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.

Want to get to no God better


I'm 19 and wanting to get to no God better & let the peace of God rule in my heart♡. Be baptized in the father, son, & holy ghost. Pray that I can overcome those bad thoughts and people around me and follow my love for Jesus. To hold fast to my faith. I've had restless nights and teary days, tossing between pleasing others and pleasing God. I've been in a relationship with a loving man for 2 1/2 years, but my decisions are tearing us apart. Help us to grow separately with god so we can be stronger together with the Lord. Pray for peace and understanding.

The next level


Earlier this weekend I posted a prayer request about a job....So I had my interview & it went fairly well. I'd like ti think the Manager & I hit it off! My foot is in the door,however my journey is not over... I now have to take a test.... Those who score the highest & pass the back ground check will be hand picked by cooperate to be hired. Please join me in prayer again that I may do well on this test. Thank you & God Bless!

Daughter Cindy


Pray for my daughter Cindy protection and me from guy stalking her, pray if I should get her moved somewhere else or something Thank You! We have been living in fear, he stole a truck about two years ago and just drove in her yard and totaled her car, the Brazil Police hasn't done anything about him, he would run and they said there wasn't any proof, but they told me they had dealt with him before.

Please pray for...


me and an unnamed person.

Pray for my husband and my marriage


First thank you for the continued prayers for my daughter Jessica and her kidney issues. She is improving slowly. Please continue to pray for full recovery and healing. Please pray for the salvation do my husband. He needs Jesus like we all do. He is standing in quick sand right now. We have been married for almost ten years this year. He has recently taken his wedding ring off will not tell me he loves me when I say it and does not want me to touch or kiss him. He has made it so that I cannot see anything on his Facebook page and has been communicating by phone and text to another woman that lives in Kalamazoo Michigan. I have tried to discuss what is wrong with him and he will not discuss anything. He says nothing has changed. But it has. We have both been married multiple times and from what I have been told this is how he acts when he is ready to move on. The thing is we are good for each other and I believe that somewhere deep inside of him he still loves me. I love him and value our marriage and do not want it to end. Please pray for both of us.

Prayers Over Our New Marriage and Family


I am again, requesting Prayers Over Our New Marriage and Family. Sonya, my beautiful loving Wife and I were Married on October 3rd 2015. Since that time, we have personally struggled with combining our lives and that of her two daughters Lexi (17) & Tori (22). We need Healing Prayers for All of us. This "Big Change" has been extremely difficult for everyone, especially my Wife who feels responsible/guilty for this big disruption and is questioning our Marriage. I am asking God to Help and Heal Our Marriage, My Wife, the two Children and myself. Thank you so much for everyone who has been, and will be Praying for us. Dan

Moving to a New State


Please pray for Susie and that she have made the right decision to move to a new state. Please pray Susie finds the perfect job and her move will go with no problems. Please pray Susie finds her perfect forever job. Thank you for praying - it means the world to me.

no title

Susie and Howie

Howie had eye cataract surgery 3 month ago and it went horribly wrong. Howie has had 5 additional eye surgeries. Please pray for Howie that his sight permanently returns and never worsens and that his glaucoma can be cured and never become an issue. Please also pray for good health, good fortune and happiness. Thank you.

mi milagro en accion


gracias mi señor jesucristo veo mi milagro de reconciliacion matrimonial my muy serca. por eso me atrevo a acrecarme al padre pidiendole en tu nombre por favoy librame de problemas en mi empresa jardines del renacer, librame de mis enemigos de ahi de la empresa, properame con un promedio de 7 ventas diarias, dame carisma delante de los clientes que la gente me llame a afiliarse, que no pierda mi empleo que goce del favor de mis jefes, que las ventas sean faciles de cerrar cubre mi empleo con cerco de fuego y cuida los caminos de angela maria sanchez alvarez para que ningun otro hombre se pueda acercercar mi señor dame pz y tranquilidad estoy nervioso y ansioso de gran manera, dame consuelo por favor mi señor te amo perdona mi duda, por favor hablale a angelamaria sanchez alvarez a su oidoi a su corazon me siento ansioso deseo salir de este conflicto y sentir su amor muestras de cariño y que se consolide el milagro y que pronto muy pronto digAMOS VOLVIMOS QUE NO TENGA MIEDO NI PENA DE LA GENTE DE SU FAMILA por favor necesito para el 10 de abril mas de 1.100.0000 de pago . porfavor que mi hijo santiago encuentre puertas abiertas con su mama con mi mama con su suegra a hora que esta embarazada su novia ayudame a yudarlo te a mo por favor.

What can i say!

Daniel Cahill

Hi my brothers and sisters at WBGL please say a prayer for me I did everything I possibly could to make this the best Easter ever for my brother and sister homeless and today its like that was nice but what do you have for me today its tough the need is overwhelming.Thank GOD for brothers and sisters like you .GOD richly bless you brother Danny 3/28/16