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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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Prayers for Chanelle


Prayers for a beautiful young woman named Chanelle who just found out she has brain cancer. Prayers of comfort for her, skills and knowledge for the doctors, and for God's presence to be known.

Pray for me


My addiction has returned and I am not strong enough.. I keep lying to myself. And doing it.. over and over again. And then saying I won't do it again. And then I do it again.. God please help me!



I ask for people to believe with me. I am a young guy who has been diagnosed with PTSD and Chronic Fibromyalgia. My fibroids flares effect my fingers and my doctor has spoken to me about finding a hobby that uses them so as to keep them from atrophy and numbness. I'd like to get back into playing guitar but, I'm not sure I can with finances in this world the way they are and my health. I'm asking for prayers that the Lord can lead me to a way to get back into playing the acoustic guitar like I once did. I sold my old guitar to help pay for my first semester of college back in the day but,Philipians 4:19 states" And my God shall supply all your needs by his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" I'm claiming that promise and holding to that as my own while I believe and exercise faith that the Lord will meet my need for continuing health and a way to take this back up again. I've already decided that when the Lord mmeets my need I'm going to try and do Christian music at church. If he has blessed me than its only good and fair that I give him glory. Please pray and believe with me, scripture states that if 2-3 are gathered and in agreement in prayer as touching anything than so shall it be unto them. God's blessings to y'all !

Post chemotherapy scan


Please pray for another clear scan at end of November for my 20 year old son- 9 mos post-chemotherapy. We will do this for 5 years and it is unnerving each time. I cherish each email notice that someone prayed for him. Thanks in advance and Gods blessings to us all.

Finances & Life


I'm at a loss as of what to do. I was concerned about the transmissionb wing bad in my truck and when I heard the transmission is fine I was happy until I heard what was wrong with it. The only vehicle I have to transport my children in and to get me back and forth to work is not driveable. I need ignition coils, spark plugs, catalytic converter, front end work and some valve. I don't know howi m going to get myself to work and kids to daycare and keep up with Dr visits and errands. My work hours don't allow for me to take the bus and I don't have family to lean on. I need a miracle. Money won't make you happy and I dint want a lot of it, I just want to be able to pay my bills and take care of my children. Right now I can't do any of that. I still owe some for Nov rent and don't have a way to work to even attempt to get caught up. I feel defeated. I take care of the elderly at work and my children at home, I try to be a good person...what have I done that's so bad to deserve this??

eyes need healing


I have been struggling with my eyes since July. It started with my left eyelid drooping and bothering me. My vision has been getting worse. Now both eyelids are drooping and I am having a lot of blurred vision. My eyes always feel strained. I went to my eye doctor a few days ago and he said my eyes are just really dry. Since then, my vision seems to be getting worse and my eyes just won't focus. I feel there is something more going on that the eye doctor missed. I will probably have to see a specialist soon. I have to get through the weekend first. I am always fearful and anxious about this. Please pray for a complete healing of my eyes. I am so tired of battling this. Thank you.

prayer for financial support

Tim H.

We are going into our third week of not working as we try to take care of our 16 month old son. We still do not have all of his test results back to determine what is going on with his liver. I am on a leave of absence from work with no pay until this is resolved. If I try to go back to work and our son needs something done I will not be able to have the time off and I would loose my job at that point. So our family is in a tough spot right now. We have set up a go fund me account too. But we need prayers right now too to relieve the stress we are going through right now. We thank you all for all of your prayers! God bless. Tim , Tina and Jason

Feeling Defeated

Family in Need of Prayer

Please pray for my faith and the faith of my family. It seems we have found ourselves in a very unjust situation over the last several years. I try to hold onto my faith and be a good witness to others that know the details of our situation, but every defeat here on this earth seems to take a piece of my faith. I do not want to be like that. I am getting so discouraged because it seems that the enemy is continually defeating us and laughing in our faces. I want to be able to not only say "I claim Faith and victory in Jesus", but in my heart to believe it. At this point this situation has come so much against us, only God's true divine intervention can change the circumstances and final outcome. God bless all those who pray. We cannot thank you enough.



I want to thank everyone for all the prayers that I have received for my friend Wayne Kaiser and My niece Michelle. Update: Wayne has earned his wings to heaven. Michelle will be earning her wings to heaven any time. RIP

Mom and child


Please pray for my daughter and her son, that she would get full custody, that her 2 year old son would not be taken away from her, that God would strengthen them. Thank you and may God bless every family that prays for them.

My Mom


Several weeks ago I had asked for prayer for my mother who was very ill. She passed away very peacefully at home with me on Nov. 10th. God was very gracious and took her without a great deal of pain and suffering. With the help of some wonderful Hospice nurses I was able to keep her in our home, which was her final wish. I am very blessed to have been able to call this woman "Mom": She was loving, kind and a Godly woman. She will be greatly missed but I know she in now in Heaven and completely healed. Thank you for all of your prayers-they kept me going the last few weeks. God Bless.



My prayer is that God would help change me! I have been praying that God would get a hold of my husband and help him to hear from God and to return to him. To be a loving husband and father, but I have realized I need to pray for myself to be a better person and to do what I want God to change me from the inside out. I want people to see the light of God to shine through me and not a broken person have become because of the things that are going on in my marriage. My husband told me he wants a divorce and he isn't in love with me anymore. This is hard for me to except so please pray that God will help to change me from the inside out.

Professional Bout


My spouse has a professional MMA fight tomorrow night As always I pray for his safety, I also pray for a victory with this fight as the extra money will help our family financially!! Please protect him in the ring Lord. Please let my spouse come out with the win! Amen.

Prayers needed


Prayers have been going up for my sister and her family. If anyone has time or gets this by 1 central time today please lift them in prayer to GOD. Thank you and love in Christ Rebecca

May God bless my sister-in-law


Please pray for my sister-in-law. She has been trying to become pregnant for about 3 years or more. Recently 3 of my sisters have become pregnant, and I know this is very hard on my sister-in-law. She is happy for them, but she is heart broken that it hasn't happened for her yet. I feel that God will bless her with a child, but she is starting to lose hope. My sister-in-law is a caring and amazing woman. She will be a great mother. It just breaks my heart to know that her heart is breaking.