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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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I just finished applying for a full scholarship that would afford me the opportunity to finish my degree and open doors that have been so far closed for me. This degree will give me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and give back to the community. Please pray if it's in his favor that I recieve this opportunity.

losing a son


please pray for Jeff Crabbe as he has lost his only son in a terrible car accident. And prepares for his wedding day this Saturday to Holly Anderson it will be a day of both joy and sadness and they will both need all the prayers we can give them.

prayers for friends


Please pray for Barb. Barb lost her husband today . He was on hospice and passed away this morning. Also, please pray for a co-worker Audrey who did not get good news at the doctors office today. They are doing labs and Ct to rule out cancer. Please pray she is cancer free. Please pray for a neighbor who lost her husband last week. She just looks so sad. My heart goes out to each friend. God bless you all.



1-Pray my mother is healed of type 2 diabetes and has no side effects from medication. 2-Pray my father is healed of parkinsons disease and has good mobility. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.



Tú, amsa en este momento y en cualquier lugar pondrás toda tu concentracióny tus pensamientos de nuevo en mi tu amsa entiendes que no puedes vivir sin mi, dfar En este momento comenzarás a descartar todo tu orgullo , amsa volveras con tu esposo dfar porque en este momento todo tu pensamiento está en mí dfar Vas a tratar de resistir.,No te resistas.tu amsa besas en la boca abrasas y dejas de resistirte a tu esposo dfar. ahora tu estaras segura de volver con tu esposo dfar. Tu amsa ahora entiendes que estás muy enamorado de mi dfar y no puedes estar sin mi presencia.En este momento tu amsa piensas en mi dfar Invoco al angel de jehova para que el al angel de jehova, para que expulse de ti el espíritu del mal que impide que regreses con dfar y a todas tus personas con quienes has hablado de y te han apoyado y alentado para que no regreses con dfar, esas con las que has compartido tu tiempo de separcion buscando amistad o una relacion, uiras de todos los lugares que has visitado durante los meses de separacion de tu esposo dfar. Llamo a el angel de jehova,para anunciar a ti amsa mi nombre dfar que soplen al oído la palabra amor y te acuerdes de mi dfar anuncio al angel de jehova que utilice el bálsamo curativo para sanar laduda que se ha desarrollado en tu corazón y para mantener abierta la cicatriz del amor y del deseo hacia mi dfar que así sea.Con todo mi amor! Decreto en el nombre de jesucristo que con dos o mas hermanos que se unan a mi peticion Y amsa Cederá a mi suplica..

PayPraying for Good results


I am having a mammogram tomorrow on a knot on my left best please pray the mammogram comes back good

Pray that family remains together.


For years we have worked to ensure that the best interest of the children are met. That the children ramain in both parents lives. We have worked to help my ex be a better parent and person. Through the ex's drug and alchol addiction, through some rough patches where the ex was not taking care of the children. We have always thought of what is best for them and provided tough love when nessicary to ensure the ex can remain in their lives. The ex now has a significant other who is insisting that the ex attempt to take the children away from us so they can move out fo state. The ex has a severe problem with lieing. We always have hard evidence to prove such, but what is important is the toll it takes on the children. Our health has also suffered severly from the constant stress. The ex proceeds with lies just to drain us of money we desperatly need to care for the children. The ex continues daily to defy court orders. I really don't know what to do. I'm asking that the Lord provide for us all in this time of need. That He holds our family together. That truth previels, that the ex will stop lieing and flee from the father of lies and God will move into the ex's heart. The pain is almost to much to bare. Please pray that our family remains together. The ex was very abusive physically and mentally to me and at times the children in the past. Physicaly the ex can no longer hurt me, but at times I worry about the children. Please pray for us.

4 prayers


I've requested many prayers on here and I've been blessed to have them answered. Now I have 4 more. My Mother was recently in hospital. I've learned the past 2-3 years she has kidney disease. Now I've learned of sepsis (bacteria in the bloodstream). Ontop of all this she has high blood pressure. Please keep her in prayer. My daughter, age 13, has suffered over 1/2 her life with severe chronic migraines. The headaches are always there (there's never a moment without one), some can be crippling. She fell when younger and bumped her head on concrete. MRI shows nothing. We're on 2nd doctor in 3 years. Medications don't help. My son, age 14, has bipolar disorder. He's been off balance since 3 years old but started meds when 5 or 6. He's struggling to learn and feel normal. He's not gaining weight in 3 years and growing is slow coming. Doctor is doing blood tests and Xray to check his bones for properly aging. Also doing a EEG to check for seizures. My husband, 35 years old and has a sleep disorder that Doctor hasn't seen so he's referring him to a specialist. His oxygen drops to 70% when sleeping, snoring can be heard throughout the whole house (2 stories). A lot of concerns but the one thing I know is God has it all covered.

Pray for Zayla


Please pray for Chris & Jason Mitsdarffer and family of Bonfield, IL. Their 14 y.o. daughter Zayla died last night from cancer that she had fought the vast majority of her short life.

Grandson bit by dog


Pray for Ainsa's 14-month old grandson, Harry. He was bit in the face by a dog. Praying for the surgeon and all involved today that her grandson will heal and be well.

Unexpected career change

Christy Lynn

My prayer request is for my sister in Christ... Christy Lynn! She is my Best Friend and was employed at a local university after being employed for several years and a school Alumni... She has been applying for several positions after being laid off recently due to the school budget etc. Please keep her in steadfast prayer, and May God speed in opening the doors for her to be placed in a position that she is qualified and willing to do! I pray this in Jesus Great Name!!!!



Please pray for myself and my kids as I am going through a custody battle. We all need strength to get through this and if changes are made, strength for my kids. I know God has a plan and I do trust in him. I'm not sure what his plan is for my family, but i am scared. 😢



Please pray for a healing. My friend and co-worker is fighting cancer.

Pray request


Please pray for my dear friend. She was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray she my be cured from this dreadful disease. Please pray she may stay strong and have the strength to win this fight. Amen.



I listen to you every morning on my drive to work. The love and inspiration I feel thru my day is wonderful just by listening. Please pray for my son Jody. His life has spiraled out of control due to alcohol. He needs help in the worst way and being an adult we can do nothing for him unless he agrees. This demon has taken over his life. I feel I have lost my beautiful intelligent youngest son. He has so much value but he is destroying himself. Please pray,,