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-James 5:16

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Prayer Request for Healing of Daugter with Chronic Illness

Mary Ann

For the past 5 years our daughter, Alexandra, has battled chronic Lyme disease and CIRS. This year she was forced to take a year off from school because she could no longer handle the illness along with the pressures of her junior year academics. We have consulted with multiple physicians around the country and have yet to find any consistent relief from her daily battle with debilitating fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea and body aches. Our first and foremost prayer is for Alexandras complete miraculous healing. But as we wait in our 5th year of this trial, we need the strength to carry on despite the absence of answers or the healing we desire. We pray for Alexandra to let go of her disappointments and frustrations with her situation and to truly embrace Gods love for her and to trust in His care. We pray for Aexandras battle with depression and loneliness and ask for the ability as parents to foster an atmosphere of hope and encouragement. And, we pray for wisdom - the wisdom to know which treatments to try next, which doctors to visit, and the wisdom to help Alexandra live as normal a life as possible with the hope of finishing high school and planning for the college. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer & Praise


Please pray for Micca - his spiritual eyes and ears of understanding are opened to the Gospel of Truth and he accepts and walk in freedom of God in Christ Jesus knowing his Identity in Christ Amen

need miracles

James C

need finacnal move of God in every area of my life behind on bills health problem divorce I need the Holy Ghost - lost every thing in a fire 5yrs ago and still in pain mentally the lost is killing me - no insurance

Pray for woman who was in a car accident


Please lift up Dave H wife and family, Esther and their three children were involved in a car accident recently. Esther has numerous broken bones and is facing many surgeries and months of healing. The children have special needs and Esther homeschools all three. Dave H the owner of The Kitchen Gallery in Charleston.

concerned for my daughter and grand daughters


We would greatly appreciate prayers for my daughters and grand daughters. God knows the situation. Thank you so much! God Bless!

Pray for manager and a friend


Pray for my manager and she is having some serious health issues. Pray also for her emotional state and to see the light Also pray for my friend who is feeling down and has now gone back to drinking alcohol

Prayer that I can keep My mother's home


My prayer request is that GOD will have mercy and favor that the bank will approve my loan modification. On Tuesday March 21 that the Judge will grant my stay The home I reside - Mother's house will not be sold on Thursday March 30, 2017. I had submitted my loan modification paperwork October 2016 I pray my file is approved to save the home, reduce the interest, and be able to afford the monthly payments to the bank. For the sake of my children 13, 11, 9, 7 and myself. The attorney for the bank will listen to my attorney and approve the request of the loan modification. That the home will not be sold

Pray for Marla Healing Stage 4 Cancer


Please join me with faith in God's healing power for Marla F. I do believe that by His stripes we are healed. I do believe that where 3 or more are gathered together there He is in our midst. Right now I ask that we gather together believing with faith in Jesus Christ for complete healing in Marla F body. That God will heal her from head to toe. I ask that you join me believing for this healing so that He will can receive all the glory and honor. I pray this healing will become Marla's testimony so that others may believe. Thank you for your prayers. Please pass this forward. Please post in your prayer groups, churches, social media, etc. May God bless you.

Prayers for 3 US soldiers shot in Afghanistan


Hello WBGL dear friends, Please pray for 3 brave US soldiers recently shot in Afghanistan in an insider attack. One of the soldiers, Jonny, is a friend of my daughters as they were in ROTC together in college. He is in critical condition in Germany. Please God guide the doctor's skilled hands to help these young soldiers especially Jonny who was shot in the abdomen and has a lot of shrapnel. Please give them strength. I pray for their complete healing. In Jesus' name.

Need an apartment. Please pray for us.


My husband and I have recently become homeless and are staying with a friend which is not a good environment. Please pray for us that we get one of the apartments we have been looking at soon. We have bad credit and feel almost hopeless but God is amazing and I have not lost faith. Thank you and God Bless.

Not too good!

Daniel C

Hi my wonderfull and loving brothers and sisters at WBGL!Please say a prayer for me this weekend in Miami there will be an all weekend event called Ultra that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a church picnic asking prayer than no one gets killed or dies of a drug overdose and the LORD will get me as far away as soon as possible!GOD bless brother danny 3/2/17 p.s also it is a great time to witness when people see it was all a lie that it didn't satisfy



Please pray for strength and for complete healing of all intestinal and skin problems for me. I ask this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying during this time of need and for the great work you are doing. God Bless everyone at WBGL.

Left side flank rib pain


I ask you to join with me in prayer for divine healing of my body. In the name of Jesus, I ask that the pain and inflammation be removed from my body. My fellow prayer warriors I ask that you pray and ask God for healing of my organs, infection, growth, or whatever is impacting the left side of my body and abdomen, bloodwork, and causing irritation and pain. I will not tolerate it symptoms anymore in the name of Jesus. I believe in the power of healing when Christians come together and ask in the name of Christ. I am not sure if it is my lap band and it's infected, if it's my long left lung, Kidney, spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas, or some disease. Whatever evil formatives be removed from my body immediately. I am suffering from exhaustion and my marriage, my house, and my life is being impacted. I know the best place to take this is the base of the cross. Thank you for your time in prayer Thank you JESUS!

Bring my family back together


Dear God My family and I have have been separated. I pray for peace and that my family and I are reunited in our home very soon. I pray that no lying, selfish or disrespectful spirits are allowed to dwell in our home. Our home if for God, family, love and peace. Dear God dismiss the awful words and forgive everyone involved. And let peace, love and Godliness fill our home. Unite our family as soon as possible. Amen

Prayer for healing of colitis


Please be in agreement with me for the manifestation of healing. I haven't had a colitis flare up in over 3 years but this past week I had a flare up. Please pray for the symptoms of pain, diarrhea etc to go. Thank you very much.