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-James 5:16

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Concerned mom


I'm a single mom of 4, 3 still at home. My baby is my 11 year old son. His father walked out of his life 3 years ago. He also struggles with ADHD and learning disabilities. I'm really feeling like I'm failing him. He struggles to make friends and recently gets in trouble while he's with the few boys who will play with him. He easily goes along with what others say and do because he's desperate to fit in. I'm just heartbroken watching him fall into bad behavior and feeling like an outcast in a small town. I desperately need God to help me know how to help my son.

prayer for my sister who has stage 4 breast cancer


This past Sunday my sister Karen Thompson was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer which spread to her spine. The Dr's know they can't cure her. Only the Lord Jesus can, so she needs prayer for a miracle, The Dr's say they can manage the cancer she has, but can't do much till they can do open heart surgery & she is too weak and has no appetite(she needs to eat to grow strong), She has a growth on a valve in her heart, not thinking cancer but might have happened after a stroke almost 2 yrs ago. She came back from the stroke by the grace of God and I know he can heal this and what a testimony it will be to my family & others who do not know Jesus. Karen is only 56 yrs old and has a husband and two teenage daughters. She knows the Lord and I am so glad about that. Thank you for your prayers.

struggling with anxiety


I would like to ask for prayer that God show me clear steps toward moving forward in my life, ridding myself of anxiety, and accomplishing his dreams for me. I fight with anxiety and fear. Thank you!

I love her.


Please pray for Michelle and her son. Pray for the situation she is in and the stresses that she faces. I ask for prayer for God to work in her heart and in her life. I ask for prayer for the protection of her and her son. I pray with all of my heart for happiness for her and her son. I just ask for prayer that they can have the best life.

My husband and family


So I'm pregnant and my husband is mad with my family because my family has said mean things about him in the past and me and my husband had a bad past and now he's saying that when I give labor my family is not going to be able to see my baby at all and that they're not allowed to be at the hospital which I think is completely unfair because my family deserve to see my baby please pray that God would touch his heart and clear him from all anger and sadness that my family has caused him and to let them be there when my child is born and please pray that my child comes out healthy and that my husband will get along with my family thank you!

Pray for Anja


Anja is not able to breathing herself. Please pray. Thank you! Reijo

Bullied Kid


Pray GOD will stop Bullies from Picking on Derek at school.Pray GOD will make Derek confident and strong and he will not fear being Bullied at middle school.Pray GOD will put a hedge of protection around Derek and Pray GOD gives him power that will make the Bullies not want to mess with him . In JESUS Name Amen



That GOD will supply our needs and some one will buy our car because we can't afford it.

husband's heart


Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I went through the mood swings, anxiety and depression of an undiagnosed thyroid disease for years and he finally filed for divorce believing that I would never change. I have gotten an accurate diagnosis and thorough medical treatment since he left but he is hesitant to trust again. Please pray for him to have a change of heart and for the Holy Spirit to move him.

Cna , part time , full-time mommy


I would like to pray to thank God for his love for all us . And for all marriage and family . God bless you guys .

Family Prayer Request


I am going to family court today regarding custody issues with my ex-wife for our 2 year old daughter. My ex has denied me access to my daughter for past 1 month. Dear God, you know the situation and my pain, please give me the strength to deal with everything. I pray that my daughter and I would be able to have a loving relationship no matter what her mom and lawyer are plotting against me.

My family


We need to seek more of God

Prayers for healing of my blood clot


I am needing prayers for my health. I had a baby in July and developed a blood clot shortly after. It's just not wanting to heal and I'm afraid of complications.

pray for healing and finances


I have many health issues but now I need 2 surgeries one for hernia and one for vein/artery repair am in pain. Please pray for Sara's family health, safety and finances. Thanks for all prayer.

Lupus test


For about the past 10 months my doctor has been ordering blood work every 3 months to teat for lupus. The test showed slightly high levels of inflammation but, according to my doctor, not enough to be a final diagnosis. Around May I was feeling very weak and exhausted besides aches in my body. It turned out I was anemic so the doctor prescribed iron. My anime improved on the next blood work after taking iron but the lupus tests remained about the same. This month I was scheduled for another blood test and I was feeling very confident because overall I have been feeling healthy, however it turns out that my lupus test and inflammation numbers were more than double compared to the previous test. My doctor thinks it might have been affected by a medication I was taking so he asked me to stop the meds and have another blood test done at the end of this month just to double check. Otherwise I will be put on treatment for lupus which would indicate I have it. I am very scared and have been very stressed about it. I desperately need prayers for my health. I don't have any family around me and I am going through this alone. Please pray for me so God gives me the strength I need and if it is His will, to heal my body. Thank you.