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-James 5:16

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Pray for my son Dustin


Need prayer for my son Dustin for his salvation and M.S health problems ,pray for him and his kids are kind of homeless he is a single father with a 4 years old son and a 9 years old daughter his M.S health is hard on him to take care of his kids . pray he will find a home for him and his kids. Me and my son dont get along he has M.S flare ups . I give it all to Jesus amen

Prayer Request


My family would truly appreciate prayers of support and emotional healing for our daughter. Thank you. In God's name, thank you.

Lots of prayers requested


My Son lost his job and yesterday he received a 5 day eviction notice. They are expecting their 3rd child in 3 weeks. I'm asking for prayers that they can find the assistance they need in order to find a new place or funds to help pay back rent. He feels that he has failed as a father and is very depressed right now. Mom is having issues with high blood pressure as well so prayers for her and the baby. Prayers that I can say and do what I can and that through all of this God be our focus. Prayers for everyone involved. Thanks so much

Marriage Restoration


Please pray for Renee and Aaron in need of healing a broken marriage. They will be going to their second counselling session tomorrow and as of right now it seems rather bleak that they will work this out, There is a lot of doubt and weariness but I am still hopeful and continuing to pray for my daughters marriage and family. (they have two small children) Aaron is pressing to work it out because he does not want to lose his family but Renee doesn't feel the same way but agreed to try counseling. Thank you for your prayers and love for the Lord! Carol



Hi, I live with Chronic pain everyday or Fibromyalgia as it is formally called. I have had it since 2010 but I had it for two years from 2002 to 2004 and then God healed that. What is frustrating is it came back and at first. I was wanting to be mad at God. I know now that he wants to heal me. My frustration is I get sore and tired easily so I tend not to get things done that need to get done like cleaning. I do my work and then I just want to crash. It frustrates my husband to no end and I just want to be free of this pain so I can participate in life again. Normally, I don't email my prayers online because I want to see the people that pray for me but I am reaching out by faith that people out there on prayer center can pray for me too.



Please pray for me my husband Daniel refuses to come home I feel so lost please lord remove his demons cast out all the demons Satan and anyone who works against our marriage lord please fill his heart with only love for Valerie lord help him to see how valerie is a good person lord help him with his trouble help him lord too seek counseling for his ways lord help daniel to trust valerie lord guide daniel back home to valerie help daniel to be a good man and husband to valerie lord help Valerie to forgive Daniel lord please ease valeries pain and loneliness help her to be a good wife to valerie lord please repair there martiage lord please let valerie and daniel live a life together filled with peace happiness and love lord keep Daniel and Valerie livtogether always lord chase Satan away block all the evil from there marriage and love help them to remember the good and not the bad lord in jesus name I ask you to grant my request



I have applied and interview for a job I have really wanted for a while. The interview went well. They have several people they need to hire. I am praying to be one of them! It would be a great opportunity for my family!

Grief and loss


Please pray for my husband and I. We recently went through a miscarriage and we need guidance and strength to get through this time.

concerned about my health


I need prayer for a life long food addiction which is driven by emotions and stress, and it's totally gotten out of control. There is and has been so much stress in our lives and that doesn't help. Plus I have so many food allergies and digestive issues among other things, that I don't even know what to eat any more that will fill me up and heal all these issues, and not trigger any more problems. I know I am in control of what I eat but, I just feel so out of control that I've let it gain mastery over me over all these years. I know my health is at risk if I keep this up. I've gained and lost weight over and over and over again in my whole life, and I'm close to my highest weight once again, but have never been able to maintain keeping it off for life. I need to start eating to live, instead of living to eat. I need balance to regain my health physically, mentally socially and most of all spiritually. I'm just so tired of fighting this life long battle that right now, I don't even have the desire to fight the good fight any more, but ,I know that I am desperate for a break through. Additionally, my daughter is a heavy smoker and has tried numerous times over the years to quit, but stress is keeping her in her addiction, as well. If you would be so kind to please be praying for us to let The Lord deliver us from these addictions and the stresses that we are letting rule us, I would so greatly appreciate it! Thank you so very much and God Bless You All!



I have some things going on in my life right now and need. prayer, positive prayer. I have a diagnosis that needs to be biopsied in my mouth. I have some anxiety going on that I am being medicated for as well as being counsoled for. I also am having a colonoscopy and am praying for positive test results. Please pray for a complete healing in Jesus name. I stand believing God for this. When two or more agree in prayer, and when you are being prayed for for your complete healing and restoration of your body, soul and spirit, it is answered. Praise you Jesus for your wondrous works and for all the positive prayer warriors praying for me. In Jesus name. Amen

God favor


Please prayer for me that this new job will be I good fit for me and I seem more I try more I fail I need God strength keep going thank everyone who prayer for me



Please pray for my stepmother she is in the hospital recovering from surgery .



Please pray my new employer allows me to have-today (needed before midnight) $307 advance-pay: to prevent being filed-against on Monday. I was told to move on Easter, out of my apartment which is 10 months- in on my year lease. I honestly am trusting God to do this, for His Kingdom & Righteousness' sake. Now that I have a new career, the devil's seeking to set me back & keep me from having shelter; sowing and reaping. I ask for the Good Lord to work out every detail to pay my landlord $307 today/before midnight please/thank you; & believe it to be done- in Jesus' Name+ to the.glory of God Our Father. Amen!!



For baby Mathias (who is a few days old), for healing for his breathing problems and wisdom/guidance for the doctors! Thank you!

prayer for health, safety and job

James M.

Please pray for safety and health of Andrea and that she can find other work and get away from the porn webcam job she has now in Colombia. Thanks for prayer