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-James 5:16

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una vez mas


Dios de moises mi Dios padre pido a ti en el nombre de el hijo Jesucristo, paz paz, cabeza fría para enfrentar la situación con mi esposa angela maria sanchez alvarez el sábado 9 de abril saldremos a cenar si tu lo permites y petición es que a partir de esa cena nos hayamos reconciliado que cese. Por favor su rechazo, que salgamos como novios que acepte que estamos casados a pese a que estemos separados señor y se que es posible antes de este viernes yo este plenamente super seguro totalmente que ella regresa como mi esposa . tambien te pido padre que yo dfar haga mas de 40 ventas de productos de la funeraria renacer en el periodo del 6 de abril al 20 de abril de 2016. por mi empleo que lo conserve por mucho tiempo. levanta escudo y pavez contra mis enemigos yessica marin fernando valanta oscar y jose empleados de reancer que por envidia y mal caracter buscan que pierda ventas que cada vez que quieran hacer algo en contra mia se convierta en bendicion y su maldad se revierta 7 tantos mas a ellos.

Prayers for husband's family relationships


Thank you for your prayers. This situation has not gotten any better. My in laws have not responded to my husband in weeks now. All because he was trying to do the right thing. Pray for softened hearts. His one in-law has said before that she has never done anything wrong and never has to apologize or ask forgiveness. And she won't forgive and seems to be proud of it. Pray for her please and please pray that God gives us the wisdom on how to deal with the situation. And pray that my husband will have peace if it can't be resolved. God Bless you all.

Getting to know you....


My grandmother currently is fighting stage 4 cancer; it hasn't been easy on anyone in my family. She lives about an hour away from me, I don't see her as much as I would like especially now; See when I was growing up I did not know my dad or his side of my family. The first 15 years of my life where... let’s just say BAD. among a lot of other awful things I didn't get to meet the rest of my family until I was 16 years old, since than it has been a long road; I struggle with relationships a lot; I don't always feel comfortable around people, so I don't feel like I know my grandmother very well. now with the cancer I often feel scared to get to know her more because I might lose her, when I get to feeling like that, I know I can turn the stereo up and laugh, cry or do both until it's out of my head. Then I realize everything is alright & GOD has this GOD has her. So I guess my prayer is that the lord places his healing hands on not just my grandmother but my entire family at this time.

In Memory


A year ago today, heaven welcomed Morgan Levandoske (lev-an-dosk-ee). She was a junior in high school. She was a strong Christian who often witnessed to her friends. Her family and friends miss her dearly. Please pray for her earthly family today as I know this is a bittersweet day for them. Would the station please play a song for her? Maybe "I Believe"? I am already a team 360 member and I plan to make another donation in Morgan's honor. Thank you and God Bless this station!

Prayer's for vehicle repair, please!

Jody & Jeremiah

First, I'd like to give thanks to God as He has changed the life for both my husband and I in the past year. We had been living the life of lukewarm Christians until God allowed us to hit rock bottom. I am a disabled nurse and now unable to work. As we were coming to terms with the loss of my income and the increased cost of my medical care, Jeremiah lost his job. Jeremiah's case review is being heard on April 21st so that he can get his job back. I have the assurance from God that he will indeed go back to work but I don't know when. They can take up to 90 days to make their decision and then bring him back. In the meantime, we will have no funds coming in and our vehicle is breaking down. We have a Mercury Mountaineer that needs an air compressor replacement. We were informed that it could cost from $800-$1000 to repair. We have been doing everything in our power to baby the vehicle along and save as much money as possible, given our limited income, in an emergency fund. Unfortunately, we are running out of time. Jeremiah is interviewing for a job and the vehicle has hit its last leg. We need help. God has answered so many prayers for us and I have learned that prayer is powerful. So I beg you to pray that Jeremiah gets his job back as soon as possible and that our vehicle lasts long enough for us to raise the money to get it fixed. All glory to be given to the Father! Thank you.


Majorie Bannon

Please pray as I have been very anxious lately about medical issues. Everything hopefully is fine but due to past medical issues, I have an issue with anxiety attacks whenever doctor visits or tests come up.

Pray for Family Members


Please pray for family members.

Pray for Husband

Megan Christ

Pray for husband who is going through a dark time. Pray for him to find his way back to God.

Pray for his children

David Kirby

Please pray for salvation for his children.

Challenge all nurses

Joene Wheeler

She wants to challenge all nurses to dig deep and give their best gift!

Mom heal from cold


Noel prays that her mother will heal from a recurring cold.

Sister Cancer Free

Anna Lipe

Her sister, Delores is a survivor of acute myeloid leukemia - she had 2 sisters who were an exact match for a transplant in November and now she is cancer free!! Praise God!!

Cancer Survivor

Dan Sageman

He is a cancer survivor - miraculous healing! Praying for trafficking awareness and appreciates all WBGL has done for this!


Kris Wolbers

Pray for sister Becky.

relationship prayer


Please pray for maria&alexander for communication,love,healing,unity,peace,understanding,companionship,comittment,compassion,consideration,agreement,harmony,joy,influence,