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-James 5:16

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Battling dizziness for the last few weeks. Please pray for Gods great healing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Thank you friends!



I want to ask for prayer for me and my friends in school. We are Christians, and it's hard to go to a non-Christian anti-God school/environment. I want to ask that you pray for my friends of believers and I. That while we go to school we don't conform to the "world" but instead stand strong with God, and not to compare ourselves and see how "righteous" we are to the other believers, but to encourage, uplift, and support the other believers. To... in the end, not just be "fellow-Christians" but rather generation seeking God. Believers being united and crying out to God for help. In the end, we want to be the change that the world/school needs. I don't want the world/school to change us in the end. Thank you for your prayers. I greatly appreciate them!!

Marriage Relationship/Spouse Depression


Wife's depression and oppresion by Satan. Satan has been using my wife to get to me ever since I started drawing closer to Jesus this past year. At times she is mad at me or jealous and accuses me of abandoning her, She also mocks me for being righteous "better than everyone else". I know where these attacks are originating from and I don't want my wife to suffer anymore, and I'm getting tired of the emotional strain. I'm not perfect, filled with mistakes, but I'm a good husband and father. There is a stronghold there that needs to be broken, I need more prayers. Thanks Jeff

pray for me and family


im trough a lot of bad situation right now no job my car broke down thanks god bless.

Son needs lots of Prayers


Please pray for my son who is very depressed over a recent DUI, and now wrecking his car from falling asleep at the wheel, he's a mess. We are looking into Family counseling to help him and also his family. Please keep him in your prayers for a complete positive turnaround. God is good!

Pray for Daughter with Cancer/Family Reconciliation


P,ease pray for my daughter who has cancer and is going to go into hospice. Pray for her to continue to be strong and for her ultimate healing. And pray for my relationship with both my daughter and my son-in-law -- pray that we can rebuild what has been broken down. Pray for healing in the relationships in the days/weeks ahead. And pray for a weekend soon when we are supposed to all be together -- that it will go well and be free of conflict and problems.

Prayer for Finances/Person who took advantange


Please pray for a lady who was taken advantage of by someone on a dating website. He has left her, and she is now in debt and needs to get her finances in order. Please pray for wisdom and for her to be able to pay her debt. And pray for her broken heart as this was someone she came to trust.



She is two months old. :) I claim her for the Kingdom of God and hear on earth to be a strong woman of God also her older sister that is 4 years of age. Hedge of protection around them and strong bond with their father, my son. Salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit for him and to return to the Lord and have a hunger to study the Word with is transforming, teaches and speaks to our spirit. As for my imminent requests for self: Finish school by Dec 2016. Successfully process grants and classes for Spring 2017 to finish requirements for MBA. Employment/Job offer by early 2017. Secure my living arrangement until I have a permanent job long term and final company to work for since I turned 50! Settle legal issues by end of 2017. Letter of request for taking the Bar (law) then finishing an expedited law program online or something along the lines of that to be accepted.

For my Father-In-Law


Please pray for my father-in-law, Gary. He became ill on Sunday night with vomiting, headache, dizziness and was taken to the emergency room. He was admitted to the hospital and stayed for two nights. He is still ill today. He has been instructed to follow up with his doctor next week and he is off work until next week to rest. We need everyone to lift him up in prayer and ask for God's healing hand to bring him through this and make him healthy again. Thank you. God Bless.


Mary Kay

Our daughter Kristin who is 21 yrs old is having her tonsils removed tomorrow morning and we would like prayers for successful surgery and no complications during surgery or afterwards. She is going on a mission trip in 3 weeks so pray that recovery is speedy for her to be ready to leave for this important trip. Also, that this will help her to be much healthier after having the tonsils removed. Thank you for your prayers.



Please pray for our family. Our Uncle is trying to take our dads estate from my siblings and I. He has been dishonest over many things and tried tearing our family apart. I pray God's wonderful will is done to bring our family peace.

Heal My Husband


My 35 year old husband was just diagnosed with cancer. He's such a good man, strong, kind, funny, someone who gives his best to all he meets and he's a faithful servant of God. Please pray for him and for your young family that the Lord will heal him and ease us through the long road ahead. May we learn from this experience and from each day we are given. May he be healed completely and may we all be stronger because of this challenge. May we continue to learn not to take things for granted. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Darkness in my 4 year old


Please please pray for our 4 year old and our family. There is a definite darkness we have seen in him. He has said and done things that are extremely uncharacteristic of a 4 year old. We are so very concerned.



Please pray for me, I am a student preparing for ministry and I am really struggling in one of my language courses. It seems that no matter how hard I try to understand this new language I continue to fall behind in it, and misunderstand it. Please pray the Lord would give me grace to understand the language well for his glory.

Need a little help.


I was just blessed with a kidney transplant on 7/26/16! I am so happy with this gift of life! Thank you God. But...........with this blessing comes so many bills for treatment, meds, gas to get to all the office visits, etc.... I am behind on my electric bill because the heat made me sick on top of the meds so I had to put on a/c on low. Please pray I find a way to pay this before they cut me off! God bless........and a hug. Thank you.....