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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed. In many cases, you can even send your prayer or a word of encouragement to their email.

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Prayer for the suffering


Please pray for my cousin who is in a coma. He is a veteran dealing with alcohol problems. Pray that Jesus lays his healing hands on him and helps him through this long recovery process.

Family in Crisis urgent prayers needed


Your prayers for this family have been working! The young man got his job back, is getting back pay and she got a new job and had been doing fantastic. They have been going to church and praying together and getting closer. Satan is now back in the middle. The wife wanted to "go out" and the husband expressed that he preferred she did not because it involved alcohol and inappropriate activities. She blew up emotionally and left. Please pray for God's grace and mercy and unending love for this couple. She is talking about divorce and leaving him with nothing. This was a sudden change and has devastated the young man. The young man still has to attend classes to end his legal battle and she is threatening to sabotage that. Your prayers have been what has turned this awful situation to a good one that glorifies God and I know they will continue to do so. God is good and remains in control and Satan is defeated. With your help prayer warriors we will pray Satan right out of this marriage.


ludovic sarraz-bournet

can you , please pray for a family in kiev, ukraine . Oksana ,a widow, nastia her daughter ;they have money problems and health problems also ioulia the christian grand-mother may Jesus heal oksana and protect nastia against sins and bad people Nastia must have 2 surgeries ;may Jesus helps her and heals her may God help them find money for the hospital thanks

Direction needed


Please say a prayer for my 18 year old son girlfriend Linsey . They have been in a 2 year relationship and seems to be battling whether they are meant to be together or to move on. She us really having hard time with it and is heartbroken and he us searching his heart and trying to figure it out whether he truly is meant to be with her . Really hard after 2 years together and young love . As I told them if it's meant to be it will work out . PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY TOO BECAUSE We have grown close to linsey and she is a part of our family so it affects us al

Miracle Child


I've been trying to have a baby for the past 3 years with no luck. I know there are many women who struggle to conceive and I am not alone. Having a child of my own means the world to me. I pray for me and all women who are having a hard time having a baby. I pray my spouse becomes less stressed about having a baby. Lord, please open my womb to one of your greatest gifts.

best friend in the hospital


Hi my name is Paul Will u Please add my best friend Too ur prayers She's in the hospital and Its not looking too good So will u Please add her too ur prayers Thanks



Please pray for my husband's continued healing.

Job Interview


I would like to make a prayer request for a job interview that I had this week. I would really like for the Lord to open a new season of prosperity for me as I make the transition from a new graduate to the workforce. Furthermore, I would like to receive favour in the eyes of the hiring committee as well. Thank you for your time and consideration God Bless

Lost Soul


My best friend passed away a little over a yr ago, buy it wasn't until her passing that I realized hey family, especially her brother does not believe not have a relationship with God. I pray he come to know God.

Thank you


I want to thank everyone for all the prayers for my recovery from depression. I spent a week in the hospital and on new meds now and have been doing well. I know without the prayers from all of you I would not have been able to recover and get back to my life. Thank you and God Bless all of you.

significant other


Hi, I'm not the most outgoing person and trying to find a wife has been difficult. I'm praying that I may find one soon. Jeff



Please pray for little Jonny and his family and friends. Jonny is a little boy with cancer and I know his friends and family could all use the prayers. Pray that God with be by their side throughout the whole process and always comfort them especially in their time of need. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Under attack


This year has been incredibly hard. I have lost my father and both of my grandparents on my mother's side within 2 months. There has also been a lot of sickness on and off all year inbetween my self, my husband, my kids and our 2 dogs. Financially we are struggling each month and in a lot of debt, and things keep getting worse as expenses keep coming up (medical bills, car problems, home repairs). I have told my husband that I am at the end of my rope, that I don't know how much more I can take. I know most of this is because of losing my father. He died unexpectedly from a heart attack while walking the dogs my parents have. Since then I have been trying to help my mom with cleaning out my grandparents house and her house. I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions. I feel like I am under attack. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I freak out about pretty much everything anymore. Every noise, smell, drip is the house and I think it is about ready to fall apart. If kids get sick then my mind races about what hidden illness I am missing, same with our dogs. I worry about finances and how we can pay for anything, how we can afford our bills let along anything unexpected which has happened a lot this year. I know a lot of this is due to being so unprepared for the loss of my dad and now trying to prepare for everything that could go wrong. I told my husband I don't like living/thinking like this, but don't know how to get over it.

Husband is an alcoholic

Amanda Hanlon

I hate my life right now my husband is an alcoholic and is mean and destroys everything! He tells me how stupid I am and how it all my fault he drinks! We have kids that he says things to that aren't ok and I haven't told anyone cause I'm so embarrassed that my life is this way! I pray everyday that he would just stop and realize what he is doing! Please God help me out of this missary.

marriage restoration


Dear Lord I come to you now to lift all my worries, pain, my husband who s left me for other woman do know what's my heart desires..... I feel sad, mad , lonely without him last year I was crying being lonely by myself oh Lord not this year again can't take it no more its been more then 4 years since he moved out . Lord please feel me up with your holy spirit .....brng Me back my husband cause you said no separation or divorce .....if I'm serving a miracle God like you why can I have him with me to help me raise our 3 years son. Lord I surrender all to you . I cry bended knees for your help thank you Lord and all the warriors who ll pray with me stay bless