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-James 5:16

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Please pray for me because my anxiety is really horrible right now. Pray for wisdom and peace. I am fearful of everything.

Vehicle Approval


I have been without a vehicle since March of this year. I have four children and work at home since my boys have some extra needs. My youngest sees two doctors. All four see a counselor every month and some every two weeks. I have been having some health issues and my oldest hurt her ankle in september and is in a boot. She was using crutches but they did not help. She takes the bus to school. I need a vehicle to get the other three to school. My 14 yr old takes the special ed bus, but it's only until we find a vehicle. My 11 yr old takes the city bus but it's expensive. I walk the little guy to and from school. It is going to be getting colder and be snowing at some point. In addition I live two hours away from my parents and am an only child. They are both having health issues and need me. I live in Wisconsin and they are in Chicagoland. I am praying I can get approved for a car loan since I do not have enough money to buy something in full. It has weighed on my heart. I keep being told to try this one place and I feel that may be my only chance for now. Please pray I can get approved. Thank You.



I've heard you all really care about people & I want to thank you for that & taking the time to pray for us. My prayer is for God to give me & my boyfriend clarity as to what we should do as a couple or if we should no longer be together (very difficult to even say that) Also to give us wisdom & discernment for our future & how to raise our boys. Thank you in advance to everyone praying! Father God, as I sit here, I pray for everyone involved in WBGL & for all your children who need clarity as well. Help us to hear you clearly & not be concerned with things that don't matter. Use us to make a difference in people's lives. Guide us & help us to have strong intention to obey you. In your Holy, precious, victorious name, Amen.

Family under attack


My family is under attack and I've become desperate for help. Something has changed in my husband and he has become unkind, unloving, and has strayed mentally (possibly physically) from our marriage. I pray repeatedly throughout the day that God will be with me and my children as we endure this roller coaster ride of emotions. I have prayed that the Holy Spirit will enter my husband's heart and soul. A trigger switched around March and he has been up and down- one second he loves me and works hard for our family but at the slightest sign of conflict or disagreement he lashes out at me and then takes off and abandons us sometimes for days telling me that he hates me and our marriage is a joke. I feel like he either has demons attached to him or a sort of mental condition like bipolar disorder. Either way he has been checked out of our marriage and our family since Saturday when I discovered some very disturbing things on his internet and confronted him. He shows no remorse, no caring for the level of hurt he has inflicted on me, no love for me and his step daughters, and is very, very cruel in the words that he is saying to me. My heart is broken and our 2 year old daughter is struggling very much to adjust to this new life her father has put her in to. I believe in the power of prayer and I love my husband. I've kept our struggles secret for too long so now I'm opening up, I'm putting it out there, and giving this to God and hoping that the power of prayer will help us.



Feeling a bit down and discouraged because things just don't seem to be going as I wish, father please give me the right attitude and mindset, help me to be grateful no matter what, help me to be patient and wait on you. Remove grumbling and ingratitude from my heart, remove any feelings worry and help me to trust in your plan when when it doesn't make sense or feel the best father. renew my mind in the areas I struggle, purify my heart, wash away my sins, and cover me with your grace Lord. Amen ❤️

Prayer request

Steve from Decatur

Request for God's healing power as I undergo heart surgery this afternoon.

need career change and volunteer


I am out of work because of mental health problems need guidence and opertunities capable . want work for helping communities administration, want start non- profit org and give back to God and commuities. need to know what choices to make. want to get married to my girl friend but God's will be done.

Aggressive tumor


Please pass along prayers for a good family friend resent hospitalized for brain tumor. It is bleeding and need prayers for strength and guidance for the medical staff to find a solution to help her thank you and may God bless everyone in there time of need

Awaiting hiring/paid-work/I ask God's Provision


Greeting Thurs., 11-17-'16 &/in Christ from 'Scot.' Last I'd submitted written prayer I believe it to have been from the Aurora Library, and God acted greatly; although whomever had committed homicide in the case of "LaMar" (young man/murdered in Rockford, IL & body found under a bridge) has not been found: nor any(one) charged. My friend who's brother's murder angered-greatly is comforted; as-are surviving mother, & other brother. Now I request comfort in their finished mourning &, am asking agreement for Salvation for (a) murder(ers) in Jesus' Name: amen. Thanks. I pray for outstanding debt(s) I have incurred/&/ from before Nov.. God's hiring interview and starting a/ny new job requires a delay which is hard. God pls./thx. for supply meeting ends in Nov. Ty!!!!



For my daughter to mature & realize she is making poor decisions!



My brother is in acute rejection on his double lung transplant. Prayers are needed as he travels this road of doctors,treatment and struggles. Thank you, and God Bless

job promotion


Please pray that I will get my promotion (that was due end of August and up to now still did not hear anything) and that the higher ups will approve it very soon. Also for my 14 year old son will consider baptism.



I need prayer right away my stomach is hurting me so bad right now I can hardly text this message. Please God heal me in in so much pain

Food poisoning!

Daniel C

Hi my brothers and sisters at WBGL!Happy Thanksgiving a little early!Please say a prayer for me I am slowly recovering from the worst case of food poisoning I have ever had so violent terrible chills and weakness I believe the worst is over but it leaves you sow weak.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 11/17/16 p.s all thing work to the good!

Fathers health


Please pray for my father, Roy to be healthy and strong and for his eye surgery to be very successful. He is in surgery now. Please also pray for him to have lots of healing and a great recovery. Thank you!