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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Asking for prayers

Heather R

My family has been suffering from a lot of illness lately and we really could use some extra prayer. We are always having a hard time financially and I've been struggling with a lot of things lately. I don't have any friends outside my family so I ask that you please pray for my family to be healed, God to help us meet our needs and maybe send me a good Christian friend. Thank you and may God bless you all!!



Keep hope in prayer she is only 12 in 6th grade she's very sick the doctors are telling her she only has 35% to live. We are a small community but we are praying and want others to pray please pray with us



We have been married for twenty three years. We have had a lot of pain. An affair, drug and alcohol use and much more. We have been in counseling for months. I can not seem to control my temper, my husband can not seem to understand or forgive me. He wants to separate. I do not. We have two kids. I want a miracle.

urgent prayer request


please pray that the lord in his perfect will,in his perfect way,inhis perfect moment and in his perfect time will allow to be joined together by the lord with my dear friend and precious jewel lismarie to be and become my wife in holy marriage,i trust the lord and i believe in god 1000 percent for my miracle that god has for my life as it will take place as it will happen and it will occur in the name of thanks to god with all praise.amen

Prayer for my mom


My mother has been very sick for the past 14 days. She has been misdiagnosed with having a cold and cough and today was diagnosed with pneumonia and is extremely sick and hospitalized. Her right lung is about to collapse. Would you please pray with me for peace and discernment so that the team of doctors that is taking care of her will do an extraordinary work to ensure my mother's full recovery. My mother lives overseas in a different country so the best thing I can do to help her is to pray about her condition. Thanks



Gerry, the husband of the librarian that my wife works with in a middle school library, has leukemia, and is beginning chemo therapy today. Pray for healing and for salvation. Thank you!



I am so nervous, I am moving out on my own for the first time in my life and I am terrified. I have applied and am holding an apartment and find out today whether or not I am accepted. Please pray that God provides, even if it isn't this apartment and for me to have the patience and wisdom to listen to those who have experience in this.

first day at new job


On my first day of work at a new job, I pray that I do well and that this is the job that God wants for me and my family.

Pray for Community Leader


Please pray for a leader in our community who had been diagnosed with an aggessive type of cancer. This person has done and continues to do a wonderful job of bringing cohesiveness to our political parties within our community and does a great job leading us in the right direction... Thank You!

pray for my mother


Pray for my mother. Thank you! Reijo

Physical Healing


Please pray for a speedy recover and pain management for my dog Ferris. He recently injured his back left leg and has a torn ACL. In researching this type of injury, read that surgery is not always the best option so we are choosing to let it heal on it's own and can take up to 8 weeks or longer. Thank you for your prayers!

friend In Hospital ICU


Please pray for my friend's son Mike, 57 yrs. old. Yesterday he tried to take his own life and is now in the hospital in ICU. This is the second time that he has tried to commit suicide in less than 3 months. These attempts come from the stress in his life from his job and going through a divorce.

Lord; my case needs urgent attention


Dear all the warriors please can you help me pray for my husband to returns back home to us cause I had the dreams last month I would like it to become to pass in Jesus name Amen .. Thank God for this step, it's a beginning. Let us pray that he will return to God first and He will fix him that he will never want to leave again. We call down fire from heaven upon him now, to burn off every cord that have him bound. I pray his e to be restored to his wife and son. In Jesus mighty name, amen. I know God is already cancel the divorce he filled or By the time the case called or never called let him have a changed heart and mindset from evil to good surrender and obedience to God and a heart of love



I just have not had any relief or rest from anxiety mind has been filled with thoughts about things that are beyond my control, I've been judging myself and just feeling so low today, Lord please help me..Lord please guide me, lord please direct my path and let it be well with me. Father help me to see myself as you see me, help me to see the greatness and opportunities before me, help me to separate myself from anything that is not if you, to base my worth on emptiness and possessions but to look up to you father Lord. I need you so much Lord, please deliver your peace in any way that you can father. Ijnip amen

Pray for my 95 yr old mother


Please pray for Mom, my friends. She has infection that turned septic. She cannot swallow properly and has pneumonia and is on a nutrition tube for now. She needs to pass her swallow test or things will be bad for her. In Jesus's name.