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-James 5:16

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My wife and I need prayers. God knows what we need. I'm not sure at this time what I need. But I am afraid I am losing my wife. She is my rock. I did her wrong, but I have changed. Just need prayers.



hat I stay positive, do better in school and become more hard working for now and to have better habits and better life in the future. That I am more tankful and forgiving and pray more often to God and give thanks. That I give him my stress and worries. And that I can become more loving and patient. Also for someone, who is important to me, that he comes to know Christ as well and let's go of resentment, anger, confusing and stubbornness. I pray God softens his heart and open his eyes, ears and mind. Thank you and Jesus' Name Amen!



Please pray for the people in Haiti, missionaries and people in other hurricane stricken areas. Please take this heaviness off of my heart. Thank you Jesus for all of my Blessings. Please pray that I have more energy to serve the Lord and my family.

healing of internal bleeding


Please be in prayer for my cousin's husband, Jim who has been suffering with bleeding internally for a few months now. The doctors thought they had fixed the problem and he is still bleeding. He has had many transfusions and has been at the Cleveland Clinic hospital for two weeks now. He had been in and out of the hospitals in the last few months. He has endured many tests. I am asking for prayer for healing for him and claiming the verse from Psalm 41 :3, "The Lord sustains him on his sickbed: in his illness you restore him to full health." He and his wife, my cousin Cheryl, have been married 44 years and this is so hard on her.

In the hopital, and in need of prayers, please.


Good day everyone. Please hold in prayer a wonderful man, father, husband, and boss. He is my boss, and I have loved, an respected him for many reasons. He is like a father to me. He is in intensive care, fighting for his life. Please pray for God's will to prevail, and God's peace, comfort, and healing for him (Dave), and his family. Thank you all, and may God bless each of you as well!



I am having problems with anxiety, please pray for peace to return to me.

Prayer for home & vehicle


I'm a middle aged single woman on disability, who was just kicked out of her home. I'm homeless with what little I could grab and my dog. I have no vehicle. The people who did this was family and knew I was having severe health issues, with surgery on my leg next week. As well as possible renal failure. Tonight (10/12) I'm in a local hotel. But no place to go tomorrow. I need a home close to my doctors in Decatur. Money to get a place for my dog and I and a vehicle. I have no family left here after today.

Prayers for our daughter


Please pray that are daughter will come live back at home to be closer to family and friends . She is in a bad relationship . With controlling situation . Help her to make choices to help her accept support to move back home. To get out of the relationship . Trust her family that they want to support her and love her help her stand on her own .

Anias and Jadon McDonald -- conjoined twins

Linda Miller

We are asking for prayers Thursday for two special little boys -- The McDonald twins, Anias and Jadon. They were born a year ago conjoined at the top of their heads....their mom, Nicole McDonald, is a graduate of Coal City High School....the twins were born in Chicago last October....early last year they moved to New York City to be where the only surgeon was who was capable of doing a separation surgery. After months and months of preparation, several surgeries, bouts of infections, etc....the day has arrived. Thursday, Oct 13, they will undergo 20+ hours of surgery to separate. Nicole and her husband Christian have a faith that is unshakable....what they've been thru this past year would break the strongest among us. But they have pushed thru, expecting miracle after miracle...all the while caring for 3 yr old big brother, adjusting to living so far from family and taking one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. They have undergone horror no parent should ever have to endure. And all the while their faith has never waivered. There are "McDonald prayer warriors" all over the country, all over the world praying for these boys. We ask that the WBGL listening audience join us. We pray for these boys, that they can remain strong during this day long surgery. We pray for the doctors and countless medical personnel working on them tomorrow. We pray. We hope. And we pray some more. Please join us. PLEASE.

Prayer for a struggling family


Please pray for Michael and his family they aren't doing good finacially and might lose their home. Pray also the lord guides them and provides for them.

Prayer for new job


I am in need of prayer for an upcoming job interview this Friday, 10/14/16 at 9am. I am currently employed, but the supervisor is not good and I get a pit in my stomach everyday prior to going to work. The interview on Friday is for a job that is right up my alley and is one that I would excel at! Please pray that it goes well, that they see I can do this job and that I can have a job that I actually enjoy going to. I don't belong to any small groups thru my church, so this is my plea for the power of prayer! Thank you!

Elderly Mother Back Exam Please Pray


Please pray that God fully heals my elderly mother's pains and sicknesses and that all medical concerns have positive results and she can live a healthy productive life. Thank-you

Prayer needed


My husband has been dealing with medical issues for over a year. He ended up having surgery in March of this year and his constant headaches resolved for 3 months. He attempted to return to work, and lost his job. The headaches are now back an he is in constant pain, and unable to function to work. We are now struggling with financial issues with a family of 5 and one income. Please pray for relief of headaches for my husband, and pray that God will continue to provide for our family as my income only covers our bills.



My two year old grandson has a reoccurring infection, Please pray for healing so he doesn't need surgery. Please pray for his parents also. My granddaughter will be two in December needs to put on weight and thrive, Please pray for her and my daughter who constantly worries about her. Thank you so much and God Bless You!

friend who has conjoined twins having surgery


Some friends of mine have twin boys that were born conjoined at the head. They are 13 months old. They are having their separation surgery in New York tomorrow (10/13/16) and we would love to have more prayer support. Their surgery will be anywhere from 24 to 36 hours. Anias and Jadon M are their names. They are beautiful and have been a blessing to all who know them. Nicole and Christian Mare the parents and they have witnessed to many people through their decision to continue the pregnancy and through their many surgeries this far. Thank you for your prayers!! God is amazing and all things are possible through Him!! .