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-James 5:16

The Prayer Center is a resource from WBGL to equip listeners to join staff in praying for those with prayer concerns. Take a moment to browse through the requests below. If you prayed for one of the requests, you can encourage that listener by letting them know you prayed.

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Pray for Healing


My fiancée,Kelly, who is 58 is extremely ill with some kind of virus. Very excruciating pain that started in face and doctor doesn't want it to go to his brain. He is a total mess mentally and physically. I have never seen him thus sick. He is also diabetic and worried of it getting out of control. I am extremely worried about him and would appreciate prayers for God to heal him and for doctors to find out what wrong do they can stop his pain. He is a Christian and God put us together so late in life. I know with all of you praying that he will get better! Please pray along with me!



I'm really struggling with knowing what God wants me to do in several areas of my life. My kids and I are facing some battles, and some choices need to be made. I need to know what God wants out of our lives, and what he wishes for us to welcome and embrace in our lives. This is weighing so heavy on me that it's become crushing. Thank you.



I have been dealing with a parasite infection for almost a year now. Nothing has gotten rid of them for me. I have put several prayer requests for healing. I appreciate all the prayers. Please pray that God's will be done. If it's not His will for me to be healed that He will make it bearable and give me strength. I cry and get depressed very often. I pray for wisdom and direction from God. I want to learn whatever He wants me to learn. Thank you for praying for me and God bless you.

7weeks pregnant after infertility


Requesting prayers for our miracle baby growing inside of me. Battled infertility for 5 years! I'm 7 weeks along and praying our baby continues to grow healthy. Thank you!!!

Thank you so very much!

Daniel C

Hi my brothers and sisters at WBGL!Tthanks to your prayers I survived being homeless this very long holiday weekend in NYC.I mean that thank you please if you have time say a prayer for me this week its really hard my life right now and the prayer help so very much!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/6/16

My father in law.


Please pray that the Lord takes care of this family as the watch their dad go thru this. Pray that the Lord takes Brian peacefully and that his family stays so strong.

Protection and Favor


Godly Wisdom, Guidance, Provision and Favor for Kimberly's Ministry and Flipper Chapel in Fayetteville, Ga. God grows Kimberly’s church and blesses spiritually and financially. Kimberly has victory over keeping her car in the midst of bankruptcy. God opens up new doors of opportunity for Kimberly positions applied for on the job with State of Georgia and in Ministry. God blesses Kimberly in her position as secretary of the South Atlanta District. Healing for Henry from swelling in his legs and feet. God’s intervention in ensuring that Anthony gives Kimberly and Excellent Performance Evaluation/Appraisal and shakes Anthony up and gives him an everlasting understanding to be supportive of Kimberly. God blesses a minimum of ten (10) new families to join the church this Conference year that want to worship God and serve Him. God heals Rev. Thelma Milner and blesses her life and Ministry and that God’s Will be done in it. God brings Brenda’s blood pressure to normal. God’s victory in Walmart releasing Sarah for new position in Morrow. God stops Anthony and Daniel from being ugly and unfair to Kimberly and other employees and shakes them up and gives them an everlasting understanding makes them too busy cleaning up their own issues. God Blesses Bishop Jackson and Elder Brinson to do right by Kimberly, communicate effectively and frequently with Kimberly and to promote Kimberly per God’s Will. Kimberly and family facing opposition at church please pray



I have started a new job as a temp and it can be temp to hire. I was hoping you guys can pray along with me. I really love this job which can be the start of a new career.I started last month, I love it here. It's is a convenient time for my children incase I need to take my daughter to school. I love the people here and the environment. People are willing to help you here. My recruiter said the assignment is until April 16th, but I pray that I am hired on permanently before that time. Can you guys pray with me in hopes that I am hired on permanently. I've never had a place where I was absolutely happy. I believe that is what it comes down to. Not how much you get paid, but your happiness. Thank you.

Nikki's prayer


Nikki is have a hysterectomy tomorrow. Prayers needed that everything will go according to God's plan. May the operation be a complete success and the lease invasive possible. Let all cells that are not healthy be gone in Jesus name. May her recovery by a complete success with no problems or complications now or later. Give all the physicians and staff involved knowledge, wisdom and God's sweet intervention. In Jesus name we pray.

Pray for job.


Need prayer for guidance on what to do with my job. In December they will be eliminating our positions and we have to apply for other positions. I need guidance from the Lord on what to do. Do I stay and apply for a different position or do I look outside of our organization. I need prayer for next steps please.



I need a healing for acid reflux. I felt like God healed me and I went off medication felt good for a few weeks then it came back

family feud


My mother-in-law and parents got in a huge argument in June at my daughter's graduation and it has been a huge worry and source of anxiety. I have put off having my son's 16th birthday party because I am afraid to get them together. Well...this weekend is the party. I am praying for peace ignoring each other...just everyone acting like adults. It will be 2-3 hours..but my parents are staying with if there is an issue it won't be pretty at home with my hubby. It is a mess. Please pray for peace. .maturity...thank you for your prayers.

God please answer me speedly with fire ...


Dear God I surrender all to you . my husband is filed for divorce but the devil is a liar I believe God by faith is already turn the captivity around for me like Zion he s coming back to us .I bind and cast out the spirit of divorce and separation ..with the holy ghost Fire ..,I drive out , I destroy and over throw out all the strange woman and man of my marriage  I call for deliverance for him... I declare restoration, love, harmony , reconciliation, in the presence of our marriage in the mighty name of Jesus amen . thank you all for praying with me ....Stay bless

Prayer for school year


Please pray that I have a successful year at school. I am a special education teacher. Please pray that I re-gain my enthusiasm for my job as I return to school. Right now I am not looking forward to returning. I pray for singlemindedness about my job-right now I am considering changing jobs. I need wisdom from God and divine direction. I feel confused, which I know isn't from God. Please pray for peace about my job so that I am not constantly searching for another job. Thank you.

pray for my father


My name is Nitin .I am from ludhiana Punjab.My father(Prem S) is 70 years old and he recently had open heart surgery.His condition is still very critical in ICU.Please pray for his speedy recovery. He is little bit mentally unstable also. Me and my wife have done nursing and we both are looking for a job to financially support our family.Please pray for our family that all our problems are gone in Jesus name.Please bless our family.