Ministry Spotlight: Orphans Treasure Box


We're taking this year to focus on local ministries each month.  We hope that you will learn about these ministries and that God will create a heart in you to learn more, give or pray.  Our focus for May is Orphan's Treasure Box.

From Orphan's Treasure Box:

Orphans Treasure Box is unique because we sell donated books through an on-line bookstore and give away all the profits to orphans, foster kids and adopting families.

Currently, we support:

-Sending 50 South African orphans to school for a year

-Caring for 20 Ethiopian orphan teens who’ve aged out of the system

-Keeping Peruvian teens off the street through a Christian home in Trujillo

-Providing home repairs for foster moms in central Illinois

-Giving adoption grants to Christian couples adopting older & special needs orphans

-The Connecting Group, a post adoption support group with Illini Christian Ministries

(See our website for more information on these vital ministries.)

Ways you can help now:

-If you’re a book lover or know someone who is, please consider buying from us. We ship to all 50 states. Combine your love for books with your compassion for children!

-Consider putting together a book drive with your church, business, or family.

-Learn more about this ministry at our website and tell your friends.

- Most importantly, please pray for us. We are asking God to open the door for us to have a fully functioning book store in the Champaign/Urbana area. Just imagine. A book store selling all kinds of books (Christian/Fiction/Children’s/History/Home Improvement/ Cooking/Home School) with ALL PROFITS going to vulnerable kids and adopting families. It can happen. Pray it does!

Need more info? Contact Orphans Treasure Box at 217.469.5456 or check our website.

As we focus on local ministries this year, we'd love to hear about the one you are most passionate about. Please share by emailing Sheryl This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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