Weekly Meal Planning

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I used to work two full-time jobs, and this was so convenient for me to use on a daily basis...and my husband can even follow these simple plans! First, write down every meal that your family likes to have for dinner onto a piece of paper. Make columns for beef, chicken, pork, fish and pasta. Once you write these items into the columns, take out your calendar and write one from each category into a space for the week. On the nights where you know you will be running a lot (kid activities, church night, etc.), write in something that you will make earlier in the week that can be used as leftovers to reheat that night. For example, I might make an oven roast on Sunday night - then on Wednesday night, we will just reheat those items and have dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes! By doing this, not only will you find that you can shop easier, but you will also save money, and you NEVER have the same meal more than twice in the entire month (and you can avoid eating beef more than once per week)!