Unwanted Mail

| Category: Organization

This works with my family and everyone gets to participate. We all get 'unwanted' mail, so here’s a way to get it out weekly without the need for a reminder. Place an empty paper grocery bag wherever you place the daily mail or in the mudroom/laundry room (worn large gift bags or small boxes also work well). At mail time, quickly scan through your mail and immediately toss in whatever you know you don’t plan to read. Do this every day, until it’s time to set out the trash. Any mail that has accumulated must either make its way into the bag, get handled or get filed. Toss in newspapers and already graded and reviewed homework assignments as well. Have kids scoop up the bag and place at the curb with your other recyclables. The bag also gets recycled and makes for easy carrying. Kids will be amazed at the amount of paper collected and will see how recycling helps protect God’s earth.