The Office

| Category: Parenting

At our house, getting our homework done efficiently is important to us so that we can spend the rest of the evening enjoying our family time.  So, at the beginning of the school year this year we made my daughter an "office". This is just a plastic shoe box size storage container that has all of the necessary school supplies, crayons, markers, sharpened pencils, erasers, highlighters, stapler, flash cards, white board, etc. Now each night when it is homework time she gets out her neatly stored "office" (which she takes great pride in) and we complete her homework and never waste time looking around our house for school supplies to do the work. This organizing trick took us about 30 minutes and cost about 15.00 to supply and has saved us tons of time this school year! We will continue having an office for each of our school age children every year!