| Category: Housekeeping

I find each person's interest when it comes to housework and allow them the pleasure of being a product part of our family and keeping our home running well. My husband would rather load the dishwasher everyday than put them away (so he loads) and my teen would rather put them away then they TEAM IT together and are very productive. My 6 yr old son HATES putting clothes away, BUT my 4 yr daughter LOVES putting clothes on hangers and helping me put them all we TEAM-IT together. Simplifying for me is zeroing in on what they are good at, and encouraging them to help be productive. I feel it will serve them very well in the future. Sure they do things they don't enjoy as well, but I always keep an ear open and an eye peeled for what they LOVE and ENJOY. It makes it more pleasant and enjoyable and most importantly more productive!