Stained Tupperware

| Category: Housekeeping

Tired of throwing out stained Tupperware from your dinner leftovers? My tip for you in 2013 is to simply coat the Tupperware that you are going to fill with tomato like acidic substances, or any other color leaving food with non-stick cooking spray. Don't have non-stick cooking spray you say? Placing soft butter on a paper towel and rubbing it all over your Tupperware container before placing your ingredients in it will work just the same. Using this simple step before you put your left over's away will guarantee easy clean-up, and no more wasted Tupperware containers! I use this simple technique when storing BBQ Hamburger, Chili Soup, Beef Stew, as well as Vegetable soup and Spaghetti! Enjoy making life a little more simple, and save some money while doing it! Enjoy