Sorting Laundry

| Category: Housekeeping

These are my tips for simplifying the ever-present chore of laundry.
1. We bought a 3-bin laundry hamper. Everyone, including kids, sorts their own laundry when they get undressed - whites in one, jeans in another, miscellaneous darks in the third. No more huge sorting task!
2. Boys white socks rarely come off their feet white, soeach person pre-treats their own socks (sprays, scrubs, rinses & hangs to dry) This saves A LOT of time, because I can simply throw all the whites in without having to pretreat all of the socks. And with the extra dirt rinsed, I rarely have to rewash or rerinse a load.
3. Lost or mismatched socks - NOT A PROBLEM! Everyone pins their pair of socks together before throwing them in the laundry, so when they come out of the dryer, no sorting and matching to do and NO LOST SOCKS!