Saying No

| Category: Parenting

My tip for simplifying is learning to say NO to things. When my kids were little I felt like I wasn't doing enough. Not volunteering at church enough, not attending events in the community, not helping friends out. I had a lot of guilt for things I wanted to do but couldn't with two little babies. My Mother In Law gave me the BEST advice. She said "It's just not the season for you to do those things and that's okay. You are unable to do them because your kids are young but someday they will be older and you will be able to help and be more helpful than you could have been at this time. People should understand that". That was such a freeing moment, knowing that in time I could do those things and not feel guilty that I just couldn't at that moment. It has helped me also to pray before choosing what I am going to volunteer for things. My kids are now teenagers and I get so much more enjoyment in volunteering because I can put my full self into it!!