Plane Travel with Kids

| Category: Parenting

With two young children in tow, my wife developed a trick for making our flights between Champaign and San Diego for visiting grandparents much more peaceful for both us and those on the plane. Essentially, my wife would go to the dollar store and buy very inexpensive, yet creative gifts for the kids. These are things like reading books, coloring pages with ink pens, or puzzles, and each would cost less than $1.00 per item. After purchasing them, all of the gifts would be individually wrapped as "presents" for the flight. Once on the airplane, the kids each receive a present every 30 minutes or hour. This provides some excitement, entertainment, and incentive for good behavior the entire 4 hours en route. We always received compliments about how well the kids were behaved, little did people know why. We now do this in car trips and everywhere we go that involves traveling 4 or more hours. My wife is brilliant!