Organizing Spices

| Category: Organization

I do a lot of cooking and use a lot of herbs and spices. I was frustrated looking through all the stacks of bottles and so I bought several of the trays of drawers that people use in their workshops to hold screws, etc. I stacked them on the kitchen counter between my base and top cabinets and numbered them. I keep about two teaspoons of each spice or herb in each compartment that tips out. I ended up with 64 compartments. I numbered them and typed a list in alphabetical order of each ingredient with the number of the bin. On top I placed a baby spoon and the system works so very well. By keeping the quantity small and out of direct light, the ingredients last for quite a while and I always refresh all the bins twice a year. It is so easy now to simply open the door of the cabinet, find the ingredients I want and spoon out the quantity that I need.