Mr. Bill

| Category: Relationships

Our family has been blessed in the last year by meeting Mr. Bill and visiting with him at the nursing home almost weekly. He died last week and the thing that I think that we got the most from him was prayer. Bill taught us that prayer is the easiest thing that one can do to simplify their lives. He said that praying upon rising and retiring for the day and lots of times in between were the key to a good life. Bill was 91 when he died and he prayed with us every time we visited him. He said that he would pray daily for hours without ceasing including prayers for people that he knew. Bill had lost both of his hands when he was in his forties. Through prayer and his dedication to the Lord he continued to farm and he preached for many years after that. He was an amazing person and I hope to have the relationship with God that he did by praying more.