Monthly Meal Planning

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The BEST thing I ever started doing. With a family on the go, and 2 boys in school and travel sports I was sinking! When it came time for a healthy dinner to put in my families bellies I was scrambling to throw something together, as I was hearing screams of "What’s for dinner?" I have created 3 month long menus to keep in rotation. It didn’t take long. I sat down with a few cook books and made a table/menu on the computer and filled in the boxes complete with the cook book and page number for quick reference. I take 10 minuets each week to create a shopping list based on my menu for the week. If we eat out one night then the menu gets pushed to the next day. Now I don’t run to the store every night and I know how much time I need to get a healthy dinner on the table. No more screams of "What’s for dinner?" it’s posted on the refrigerator. I really enjoy dinner time now!