Mail Stack

| Category: Organization

I really dislike mail. My old way of dealing with it was to take the bills out, so I could pay them and leave the rest until later. "Later" rarely came, and the mail seemed to stack-up all over my kitchen counters. The stacks got bigger & bigger, until I'd have to stash them in a Wal-Mart bag when I was expecting company. Then it was really overwhelming to sort thru them when I had the time to do so.
UNTIL I made up a NEW WAY to deal with my mail! I now have 5 file folders in one of my kitchen cabinets. Each day when the mail comes, I sort the mail accordingly into the files. They are labeled as such: "Calendar" for things that need to be put on the family calendar, but are kept for reference or to take to appointments or events. "Pending/Holding" for things I'm waiting on, such as something mail-order. "To Do" for obvious reasons. "To Read" for things that I can't get to in the moment, but will look at later (I often take this file with me while waiting on doctor's appoiintments.) And "My Interests" for things that I'd like to keep or might reference later. Junk mail goes in recycling; catalogs and magazines get put in the magazine rack right away...and viola!! My "MAIL STACK" is NO LONGER!!!