Getting Kids Ready

| Category: Parenting

Getting my kids ready in the morning can be quite a process. When they were babies some mornings my husband was tasked with getting them dressed which was overwhelming to him as he stood in front of a closet full of little bitty clothes knowing full well any outfit he put on them I would check from head to toe (as a knew mom dressing the boys was a big deal to me:) So to help our morning routine I got a sweater bag for each boys closet & on Sunday evenings I selected 5 outfits and placed one in each cubby of the sweater bag. This helped all of us out because all we had to do in the mornings was grab an outfit & go. My son is 5 and we still use this. He is more independent now & wants to dress himself so we pick out the outfits together on Sunday & then each day of the week he can select which outfit he is in the mood for. I have said for 5 years I should adopt this process for myself & would eliminate the time spent staring at my clothes thinking "what do I wear today?" but until then I am loving this for my boys!