Fighting Siblings

| Category: Parenting

Having trouble with fighting siblings? I have 2 daughters who are 2 1/2 years apart & they used to fight alot when they were younger. My mother in law didn't like it when they would fight so when they did she would sit them (Indian style) on the floor facing each other & make them sit very close & hold hands. If they would pull apart or keep fighting she would add a minute to their time. When they were around 3 & 5 she would start them sitting for 1 minute but as they got older she would make it longer according to their age. My mother in law has passed away but my girls favorite memory to talk about is when grandma would make them hold hands. It worked very well. My girls are 18 & 15 now & are the best of friends, thanks to Grandma. I hope you could use this in your family & that it works for you.