Daughter's Masterpieces

| Category: Parenting

It didn't take us long as parents of a preschooler to realize that our home would soon be buried in our daughter's masterpieces. Paintings, projects, drawings, and cute notes from our girl are coming school, church, playdates, and everywhere... We even find them on our pillows at night! Each one is important to her, and many of them are going to be fun memories for us, but we just can't store them all! My simple solution? I pull out my white foam poster board, place the art on the surface, snap a shot with my camera, and repeat. It only takes a few minutes. Then I dump the photos into a folder on my computer, throw away the papers (guilt free), and move on! Instead of her masterpieces finding themselves in dusty art boxes under our bed, they're easily emailed to Grandma, posted on the social media walls of our favorite college students, and end up in the pages of her photo memory book on our coffee table at the end of each year.