Cooking Big Portions

| Category: Meals

We have six children and cooking can be very time consuming. When I am going to brown hamburger, I might brown 15 pounds of hamburger at one time. I will portion it off and use some for chilli right away, put some in a tupperware container for tacos tomorrow and bundle the rest in one pound bowls to use for quick hamburger helper. Same goes for potatoes. When I make potato soup, I will peal 20 pounds of potatos. Half of that is for soup which will be made that night. The rest will be mashed and then put into tupperware containers and into the freezer for quick homemade mashed potatos later in the week sometime. Same with chicken. I cook up a ton of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at one time. We may have chicken that night and I will shred the rest of it to be used in chicken tetrazinni or white chicken chilli later in the week. It may seem simple, but these are HUGE time savers!! I spend less time over the stove and in the kitchen and more time with my husband and my family.