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I am a busy mom of four kids (2, 4, 4, 6), the wife of a youth minister, teach full-time and photographer-on-the-side. I don't have time to record every "first", funny kid saying, "awww moment", and other things that go in baby books. I started a blog for my family and enabled text messaging. Now, whenever something happens that I want to remember forever or want my kids to read (favorite verses, lyrics, quotes), I just text it in. Then, every January, I print off a blog book for the year previous. Voila! A very detailed book of our past year, helpful hints for the future, and those moments that I want to be forever memories. My kids love reading what they used to say, what we did together as a family, proud moments we want to remind them of and it is my hope that they share with their own children someday!