| Category: Organization

A great organizing tip especially for the basement or garage: Start with some boxes, number each box from 1 to however many you have. Then as you place your items in the boxes for storage fill out a 3x5 index card with the corresponding number of the box written in the corner of the card (preferably in marker) then in pencil proceed to write the contents of the box on the card and where the box is located in your house. Store the cards in numerical order in a 3x5 index card (recipe) box where it's most handy for you to reference. From the recipe box you will know exactly what items are stored throughout your house, and where to find the numbered box. The contents are written in pencil so in case you decide to empty the box or add/subtract items from the box. You can also add sub letters if you need to add more boxes. Example: Christmas decorations are stored in boxes 20-29 but you need one more, label a new box 20a, or 20b, etc. Now you can find anything at a glance!