Hard to Open Packages

How many parents, especially around holidays and birthdays spend hours trying to figure out how to open that silly sealed plastic packaging (e.g. The kind commonly found containing phone chargers, light bulbs, or toys) that is impossible to cut open with scissors without stabbing through your own hand? I wish I would have known this tip years ago!! Take a hand held can opener along the edges and presto! No more injuries!!

Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards we get in the mail from friends and family are great, and I dislike throwing them away or recycling them. I cut out the pictures on the cards and use them as gift tags for the next year.

Cleaning Rings

I clean my rings in the dishwasher. Twisty-tie your rings together. Take a second twisty-tie and secure the rings inside the basket compartment in your dishwasher. When dishes are finished washing, your rings will come out sparkling clean!


When taking a bath, I wash my hair and condition it, while my hair still has the conditioner in it, I lather my legs and under my arms to shave, it makes my legs alot softer I think, and I never have to buy shaving lotion : )


Hiccups are annoying & never seem to go away with the well known "cures" like scaring someone or holding your breath. The cure I found that works almost 100% of the time: a teaspoon of sugar! Let a teaspoon of sugar dissolve in your mouth & swallow as you go. Just do what seems natural & your hiccups will be GONE! (Those little sugar packets from restaurants are a teaspoon, btw!)


I have found that writing in a journal can help put a lot of things into perspective and make you feel better about the things happening around you. Buying a notebook and writing something about your day that made you happy or that you are proud of really helps to put into perspective all the good things in your life. The key is to focus on something good even if it is the tiniest little thing. I have also found that personalizing the notebook can make it more important to you.


My suggestion to help simplify a mom's life is to join Pinterest. As a mom, time is very limited and there are lots of pinners who are pinning great tips and tricks for everything. The DIY and Home Decor sections are very helpful or search for what you need an idea for (meal ideas, home cleaning organization, or just fun activities for the kids). Hope you find a few tricks to make your own.

Plastic Knife

When you make brownies, cut them with a plastic knife. Cutting them with a regular knife just made me frustrated as the brownie would stick to the knife and get all gunked up.

Paper Cuts

To heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain use Chap stick.

Flat Iron

My 14 year old daughter uses a flat iron (straightener) on her hair often and after unplugging it, it is still very hot as you all know, and we didn't want to leave it on her dresser or any place that could possibly melt or catch fire. So, we bought an iron wreath stand and she loops it over the hanger until it cools.