Live Simply

Live simply, so others can simply live?

Hot Bath

I'm exhausted and sore from reading how to organize, do laundry, clean house and be a better parent/grandparent. I think I'll just take a relaxing bath. While very warm bath water is running, pour in about a third of bottle of apple cider vinegar. Slip in, relax till water starts to cool. This will take away any sore muscles and clear your mind for thinking of more easy living tips! (of course, you will want to shower afterwards to get the vinegar smell off ) Enjoy !!

Flower Vase Uses

Most women receive flowers in their lifetime and later have empty flower vases. For those used single stem flower vases, cut or buy a few
pretty flowers and take in vase when visiting a sick friend or relative or someone in a nursing home. For the large vases - use for collecting pens and office supplies, etc. or as a centerpiece on the dining table holding napkins or silverware.

Burn Boxes

Don't throw the boxes from the Christmas presents in the trash. When criminals see what the boxes are, it helps them key in on what houses to break into. Instead, break the boxes down and take them to the dump or burn them.

Soft Cookies

To keep cookies soft: put them in an airtight container with a slice of bread in it!

Take a Chance, Make a Change

For years I mowed around a little decorative flag in the midddle of the yard, at one point I must have thought it was cute, but over the years (8) it was rather annoying. I had to mow around it and get the trimmers out and trim it, all taking time I could use for something fun. So after 8 years, I went out last summer and just pulled it up. Nobody noticed, the sky didn't fall and mowing was much easier. So if something is bothering you and you can change it, do it. If it doesn't work you can always go back to the old way. Take a chance, make a change you will be surprised at how something so simple can change your attitude.

Bowl as a Speaker

Instead of going out and buying a fancy speaker for your iPhone or iPod put it in a glass bowl. The shape of the bowl makes it louder!

Vicks on Your Feet

Vicks Vapor Rub to help soothe those late night coughs for you or your children is a must! Take Vicks Vapor Rub right before bed time and plaster it on the bottom of you/your kids feet. Then cover both feet with socks. I can honestly say I didn't believe this until I tried and it is AMAZING! Prepare yourself or your kids for a world of rest without all of the cold/cough medication. Get Vapor-ed today and you won't go back to the cold medicines:) Enjoy!

An Onion in Each Room

Put a onion in every room in your house during the cold and flu season. Un cut, not in a bag, on a counter, in a corner one onion per room.
It will take all the bacteria out of the air and you will be free of the cold or flu. Throw away when cold and flu season is over and start all over next cold and flu season (dont use the same onion) it has all the bacteria in your house stored inside.

Getting the Last out of a Jar

To get the last of a liquid out of any container with a lid- First tighten lid (very important), turn bottle/jar upside down and use centripetal force to bring all liquid to the top of the jar. (Create centripetal force by extending arm out to side and making large circular movement with your arm- think "I'm an airplane!"). It works perfectly and has the added bonus that you are guaranteed to have people look at you funny when they see you.